13 Easy Ways for College Students to Earn Money Online in India

If you are looking for extra money online or possibly full-time income in college, this article is for you. I’m going to share 13 really easy ways to earn “free” money online in college. People tend to call it “free” money, but it still takes some work. So instead of calling it free, we’d take it easy

These different ways to earn money online complement your busy class schedule so you never have to worry about skipping classes. In fact, numbers 4 and 7 require you to attend class. If you are looking for a little motivation to get to class, this is great because it will make you money.

1. Surveys

Surveys are becoming such a popular way for students to earn money online these days. Companies are always looking for opinions about their products and different ways to improve their services, what better way to do it than through surveys. Surveys are not only easy ways to make money online, they are also useful. You can take surveys at your leisure while waiting for lessons to start, even while walking to class. They are so convenient that you can choose to pay or request payment in the form of gift cards from popular retailers that you use regularly, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Earn and Make Online Money by Paid Survey | Survey to Earn

There are a ton of survey sites you can use, but some make it easy to pay faster than others. I recommend using  MypointsSwagbucksSurveyjunkie and Dailyrewards. There is no limit to the number of survey sites you can participate in, as long as they are offered in your area. You can get started with  Swagbucks and Dailyrewards by clicking the link and earn a $ 5 bonus that will be added to your account when you sign up here.

2. Download Mobile Apps

Life was made easy and stress-free with Digital Payment and Online recharge app. Empire ReEarn have given us the liberty to make payments of prepaid/postpaid mobile number, landline, electricity, insurance, and gas bill anytime and from anywhere.

What’s more? Empire ReEarn app offer massive discounts and deals on every recharge, which makes it even more useful. The success can be judged by the sheer number of mobile-based e-recharge services that has grown in India over the past couple of years. Empire ReEarn offers Refferal Earning process to cosumers for that user needs to become a user of Empire ReEarn and download the app.

The new services are generally the ones that offer most lucrative deals. So, if you are looking for Cash Back on Every Online Mobile & DTH Recharge app then Empire ReEarn offer comprehensive and efficient solutions.

Empire ReEarn is the prominent mobile-based payment widely used in India. Although app have Online recharge and bill payment facility on its platform, yet It are different from other Online Recharge Apps. If you wish to remain up to date with the latest offers and deals across different portals, you can also visit Grow income stream blog.

3. Blogging

Creating a blog is fun and the best thing is that you can also make money with it. The great thing about blogging is that you can literally talk about anything and still make money from it. Bloggers make money from advertising, endorsements, affiliate marketing, product sales, and training. In fact, blogging has so many lucrative ways to make money that it has become a full-time source of income for some people. To get started blogging, you can get started with Bluehost from as low as $ 3.95. All you need to do is choose a name for your website and start  blog for profit.

If you’re still looking for inspiration to start blogging, check out some of my favorite college bloggers  (sophia and allison) who are doing it and just getting started.

Still not convinced? Check out these earnings reports from bloggers making nearly six figures a month (MichelleRosemarie and Carly)

4. YouTube

YouTube, as you know, is a lot like blogging. Tubers and bloggers earn money through similar channels. Like blogging, it’s easy, fun, and can be on any topic.

You can vlog your daily college routine and share your college experience and tips and earn money while doing it. And just like blogging, it can easily turn into a full-time income.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a “social” visual search engine. If you are a Pinterest user, you are already familiar with the beauty of Pinterest. But if not, Pinterest is a visual search engine that people use to find inspiration for outfits, decorations, ideas, and more. People also use Pinterest to plan excursions and see great destinations. You can make money online with Pinterest through affiliate marketing  and product sales. If you’re wearing a nice outfit or item for class, all you have to do is take a great photo (that’s the visual aspect) and link to the site where people can buy the item.

How to make money on Pinterest in 2021 – Travelpayouts Blog – Travel affiliate network

Even if you’ve bought a fun college planner that you think people will love, you can also post it to your Pinterest. When people click on the link you add to your post, you earn commission on their purchase and sometimes everything they buy from your link on that website. However, there are strategic ways to place those links. You will find all the answers through Pinterest. Take a look at this Pinterest board I created with almost all the resources you need on Pinterest marketing  and how it works. And of course, follow me

6. Online Shopping

You can earn money shopping online through survey websites and cash back applications. Depending on the merchant you want to make a purchase from, you can get a certain% of your purchase back as a refund.  Ebates is an official money back app, but survey sites allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for cash.

51 Best Online Jobs That You Can Start from Home in 2021

You can also find deals, coupons, and discounts at Ebates, Swagbucks, Mypoints, and Daily Rewards. In fact, with every purchase you make, you can easily earn points for “free money” or gift cards. Before buying something online, I recommend buying through them. Save money, earn money and earn points for “free money”

To get started with Ebates, click here to register and receive your first $ 5.

7. Submit your Receipts

But when it comes to shopping, you can also make money by submitting your receipts. When you go shopping, all you have to do is take a photo of your paper receipt and send it to ReceiptPal or Receipt Hog. These companies pay you back for submitting your receipts and also automatically enter you into a weekly drawing. The more coupons you send, the more redeemable points you will earn.

8. Sell your Notes

If you go to class and take decent notes, you can sell them online for money. Among other things, Stuvia receives notes from students and uploads them to their websites and offers them as a service for other students to access teaching materials online. For that reason, companies like Stuvia are always looking for students to upload their grades in exchange for money. Last year, Stuvia claims to have paid students over $ 500.00 to students for their work. If you want to make money or earn money just by going to class and submitting your notes, you should start using Stuvia or similar distributors

9. Sell your Textbooks

Selling old or unused textbook material is a great, convenient, and easy way to earn money online. While you won’t earn as much as if you sold a physical copy, you can also sell e-textbooks online. You can start selling your textbooks through;

Where To Sell Used Books: 6 Of The Best Places Online (And In Person)



Your school bookstore

Campus books


10. Sell your Photos

Stock photography is on request. If you like photography or have a collection of photos that you like to use the content creators on their platforms. You can upload them to stock photo websites like Shutterstock.

and win every time someone downloads your images. You can check out, pexels, unsplash, and pixabay to get a broader idea of ​​what to do with your images. These sites are free and people are not required to pay for those images, but if you want to monetize yours, sign up for Shutterstock.

11. Play Games

Do something fun and earn money. In addition to surveys at Mypoints, Swagbucks, and Dailyrewards, you can play games faster and earn points that you can redeem for quick cash or gift cards. If you are bored and need to kill your time, you can use the game as a substitute. Playing games on these sites is one of the funnest and fastest ways to earn points, which you can easily redeem for cash. It can be time consuming and maybe addictive because sometimes you have to reach a certain level before you can redeem. your points, but if you like to play, it’s worth a try

12. Listen to music

Music is already part of your daily routine in college, so why not earn money from it? I know what you think, who pays you to listen to music? Well, Slicethepie pays you to listen to different types of music and write reviews.

13. Review websites

Bloggers around the world are always looking for a second opinion on their websites and the reader’s experience. In Usertesting, you will be paid $ 10 for each 20 minute video evaluation you complete. Most of your time is spent browsing the internet, so you can rate websites as an easy and convenient way to earn extra money.

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