Easy Ways To Earn Money Online With No Skill or Experience

The coronavirus has brought the world economy to its knees. Unlike the Great Recession of 2007, the effects of the virus will be felt in both the developing and the developed world. According to a CMIE report, more than 12.2 million Indian rupees lost their jobs in April alone. An online survey by the Economic Times found that the number of employees with pay cuts was 39%. Simply put, pay cuts and layoffs become the new norms as the economy reopens after shutdown.

People who will lose their income will have to look for other alternatives to maintain their cash flow in order to maintain their current lifestyle. Jobs that don’t require a long-term investment and can quickly generate a decent income will come in handy at this time. In this article, we are going to put together a list of the best ways to make money quickly and easily with little or no investment and basic skills.

1. Mobile Application to Make Real Money

Money Can be earned using mobile apps. There are many apps Provides Earning Facilites. Empire ReEarn is providing Self Turnover Income, Referral Turnover Income, Team Turnover Income along with Rewards. But by my experience Empire ReEarn is the most paying app to earn extra extra inocme from home without any investment.

Empire ReEarn is one stop online portal with multiple services. Empire ReEarn provides a easy cashback  for every mobile and DTH recharge. In addition to mobile recharge, Empire ReEarn offers bill payment services such as data card recharge, Landline Bill Payment, Broadband Bill Payment, Electricity Bill Payment, Gas Bill Payment and Insurance Premium Bill Payment. The best and simplest solution to earn real money with mobile recharge apps.

2. Mystery Shopping

India’s mystery shopping industry is valued at between $ 200 million and $ 300 million and has a growth rate of around 25 percent. Mystery shopping is a combination of surveys, online shopping, and validation.

It is the feedback mechanism used by stores, shopping complexes, hotels, hospitals, bank branches and other similar places where there is public commerce to measure the quality of a visitor’s experience. These companies hire Mystery Shopping Agencies to carry out periodic audits in their public points of sale in accordance with an established procedure to evaluate the quality of the services offered in various parameters.

How do you become a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shopping is something you can easily do alongside your main task, on weekends or outside of office hours. Several mystery purchasing agencies hire people who fit the intended customer profile of the company to be audited. These people are known as mystery shoppers, test clients, or service testers. The contracting company then provides the Mystery Shopper with a questionnaire containing a list of questions on which the services offered are evaluated. After the successful submission of the report, the buyers will be paid.

Skills/Resources Required:

Mystery Shopping does not require any special experience. You must have good communication skills and command of English writing, as it involves submitting comments about your experiences at the point of sale in a detailed, structured and clear way. No initial investment is required and you only need a laptop / tablet with a fast internet connection. You can read in detail here.

Popular and Reliable Mystery Shopping Agencies in India:

  1. Channel Play
  2. HS Brands
  3. Bare International
  4. MRSS India
  5. SGS Group

Mystery Shopping: New way to earn money for shoppers

3. Website / Mobile App Testing

The success of a website / mobile app depends on how easy it is to navigate. Often times, website builders want to get first-hand user feedback. This helps them to make their website / app interactive and user-friendly.

17 Sites That Will Pay You to Test Websites and Apps - Swift Salary

Some specific companies / websites provide reviews to customers who want to refine their websites. A website tester is a person who is paid to review websites and rate their quality. Website testers are hired as part-time employees by user testing sites.

Requirements to Become a Website Tester:

  • An updated laptop or smartphone
  • Fast internet connection
  • Webcam / Headphones
  • Basic written and spoken English proficiency – A website evaluator must provide adequate feedback on the various nuances of the website’s operation. This requires a lot of control over writing reviews.

The Best User Testing Platforms to Find a Part-time Job:

  1. User Testing
  2. User Feel
  3. What Users Do
  4. Testing Time
  5. Enroll
  6. Try My UI

4. Quick Online Income Through Micro Jobs

Microjobs refer to small online tasks. These tasks can include typing specific words, editing and resizing photos, creating accounts on sites like Gmail, following people on Twitter, etc. You just need some free time and a laptop with an internet connection to make quick money doing micro jobs online.

Best websites to find Micro Jobs:

Top 10 Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Money Online | by Peter | Medium

  1. MTurk
  2. Micro Workers
  3. Rapid Workers
  4. Short Task
  5. Click Worker
  6. Mini Jobz

5. Transcription Jobs

Online content streaming platforms have seen unprecedented growth in India during the coronavirus pandemic. This has opened up new part-time job opportunities for people with a good command of spoken languages.

Transcription tasks include writing the text for a specific part of a video or voice recording. It can also include writing captions (subtitles) for YouTube videos or movies. These jobs are generally paid by the minute or by the hour.

Best Platforms to Get Transcription Jobs Online:

  1. Accutran Global
  2. Appenscribe
  3. Freelancer Transcription Jobs
  4. Casting Words
  5. Daily Transcription

Here are some of the options you can try to earn extra income. There are other more conventional options, such as online tutoring, online stock trading, blogging, which require a little more experience in a particular area and relatively more patience. You can also be self-employed to increase your income.

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