How to Make Money from your Smartphone: Try These 7 Mobile Recharge Apps


Everyone has a smartphone these days, and almost everything we do with it requires an app.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also make money with just a few apps? While you won’t get super rich, you can still make more money from your Smartphones with Mobile Apps. Today, earning money is the most important thing in all aspects of a prestigious life.

In today’s track, we will show you how to make money with online money making apps. Everyone uses a smartphone and most of them don’t know that they can earn money while sitting at home and spending time with their smartphones. There are many money making apps available on Android and IOS platforms. You can earn real money and rewards like gift cards, free reloads, PayTM cash, real money, and more. Isn’t it nice to know that you can earn more than the earnings of a 9 to 6 day job in a few hours? There are many ways to earn money online that can depend heavily on passion and opinion.  You don’t want to get a degree, all you need is interest to work and earn easily.

Now is the time when your Android device should be really productive for you. Most of us have an Android device and it is time for us to use that phone and get some money. Today we come across dozens of applications that claim to charge for free. Many of us don’t even download them because we don’t. I don’t know if they are real or not. Next, I will tell you about the best applications personally tested by me and many other people who offer free rechargeable applications.

One time we stopped at the “recharge wale ki dukaan” counter and asked for recharge rates and new offers. The merchant would indicate the large map on the walls or he can personally recommend us according to our budget. For some, days like these are over. For some, cargo stores are an alternative, while the Internet is not available.

Earn money with Android now. Here we are going to see the best Indian apps to earn money, those special apps earn more income by online recharge, watching ads, app referral code to earn money, apps to Make money on Google Play, best apps to earn talk time, best apps for earn money from home for Amazon, updated online money making apps, other money making apps like PayTm and many more. Don’t pay for mobile recharge again starting earning today.


You are here for HIGH PAYING MOBILE CHARGING APPS; Without a doubt, one of the most important things for smartphones is charging. But what if you have a chance to easily win free mobile recharges just by sitting at home? Yes, it is that simple. In India it has now become so easy to earn free unlimited mobile recharge online that you not only get free talk time, but you also earn some money by referring your friends. These are some of the applications listed below; available in app stores for all your mobile users.

Here we will see; How do I get free mobile recharge? Where can I get a free prepaid mobile recharge? What are the ways to earn free mobile charging? What applications are specially used to get free mobile recharges in India? Where do you get a free mobile recharge code? There are so many starter apps that offer attractive deals and good deals to earn mobile balance or top up mobile online and also allow you to get unlimited payments by referring your friends.

1. Empire ReEarn

Empire ReEarn just gives you easy access,  also provide fast transactions. ER can complete your prepaid mobile and DTH recharge in less than 10 seconds. You can top up your mobile immediately and receive an attractive refund for every Recharge transaction.

Along with the ability to recharge multiple times, Empire ReEarn provides referral revenue to consumers. The ER user will not get the benefit of all this revenue until he becomes a member and completes his ER profile. All four types of income have their own modules and forks that must be followed in order to take advantage of the Empire ReEarn benefits. But in general, there is a way to increase your income by following these steps. There is yet another platform to establish your business.

2. Khatriji

Whenever the user self-registers with Khatriji, buys the product from Khatriji and then joins one of the tree at his / her request using Khatriji’s product key, the user is called Khatriji’s Skyomie. The Skyomie can expand the tree by referring to his friends and families, and if one of them buys the product from Khatriji, Skyomie will get even more referral income in that case.

So a tree has been developed and Skyomie has the advantage of making money from various users he / she referred. This whole process is called Make Your Own Money Tree. Now if the Skyomie buys the same product again from Khatriji, he / she will also receive an income for buying again. The cashback offered after every mobile and DTH top-up also increases your income to some extent.

3. Pocket money

The pocket money app is exactly what it sounds like, an easy way to earn pocket money. If you are interested in free refills and rewards, pocket money is a great option for you. All you need to do is complete some basic tasks and commands to earn top-up coupons, free talk time, Paytm Cash, and many other rewards. The app pays a whopping Rs 20 per referral. You can even get paid to watch videos and use data through some apps. Users claim to have earned up to Rs 120 per day from this app.

4. Earn talk time

Earn talk time is another application that started charging for free in terms of rewards. Now the app offers cash from Paytm that you can use to shop, top up, eat, etc. They even pay you for referrals which can be a great way to increase your earnings. You can perform tasks assigned to you, including surveys, watching videos, app downloads, and referrals. You can earn unlimited rewards with this app based on your usage. If you are not comfortable with surveys, you can easily read news or horoscopes in the application to earn money.

5. Tapzo

If you are looking for a mobile charging and online payment app with great discounts and deals, Tapzo is a great option. The new all-in-one app is for all your prepaid mobile and DTH charges, postpaid, electricity and other utility bills.


Since Tapzo is still in the early stages, it offers lucrative deals and discounts on one transaction or another. You can also book taxis / taxis, cars, flights, hotels and buses / order food from a nearby restaurant / domestic services, book device repairs and vehicle repairs using the Tapzo app.

6. Niki

Niki is an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant app that provides a variety of bill payment services including electricity, prepaid and utility or bus tickets, online movie tickets, taxis, hotels, and more. In Niki you will find several providers that you will not find in other conventional applications.

In short, it is a single destination for all your needs, allowing you to remove various applications from your phone. Niki also offers exclusive offers, discounts, and cash back to its users when transacting with the app. Like Haptic, Niki also integrates with Amazon Pay for charging.

7. Haptik

Haptik is a one-stop app that integrates facilities ranging from booking taxis to movie tickets and plane tickets. The app partners with 25 services including Zomato, Ola, Bookmyshow, Go iBibo, Urbanclap, and Cleartrip to meet the needs of its users. With Haptik, you can also use your Amazon Pay balance to charge mobile prepaid / postpaid or top up DTH.

In addition to reservation services, you can use Haptik to set reminders using the chat-based personal assistant, pay bills, and find nearby places like ATMs, free Wi-Fi hotspots, pharmacies, bus stops, etc. The application is also full of interesting offers that can be used with any transaction.


Leave a comment if you love using money making apps or let us know if you are just starting out trying to make money from your phone.



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