Top 8 Android and iphone Applications to Earn More Money

Top 8 Android and iphone Applications to Earn More Money

So the question we want to ask is, how do you make money with free apps? The article is intended for companies that want to make money with applications. Hence, in order to make things happen, it is important to follow the right monetization strategy. So here you will find all the sections that are appropriately tailored to the above-mentioned care.

Before we answer that question on how free apps make money, the first thing you need to know is that the app boom hasn’t ended (and it won’t), according to Techcrunch.

Even though the percentage of paid app revenues has decreased to 37.8 % from 75.9%, the mobile application market is still worth billions of dollars.

Well, we are all well aware of the fact that the number of free applications is much higher than the paid ones and therefore the main cause that arises here is how can you make money from applications? If you want to make money the right way with the application, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve laid out all the right monetization strategies that can help you get the proven results the right way.

Everyone in our lives has searched the Internet for a term “How to make money online?” Good! This is not an easy task to make money online. This opportunity to make money online is being damaged by various dishonest people. I’ve never thought twice about making money from my phone. Fast forward to the age of smartphones and it started to make sense. It’s amazing how easy to make some extra money with the palm of my hand these days!

  •  How to make Money with the Applications:

It used to be a dream for years to find a way to make money with smartphones. Smartphone users had to use their mobile browser to find ways to monetize their phone. Most monetization programs were not compatible with smartphone browsers. But then it became possible to make more money by Earning apps. Make money apps are the tailor made apps specially made for Android and iPhone smartphones to make money directly from the app. Most companies make free money apps, so you don’t have to worry about paying subscription fees.

It is very easy to use applications for which you pay money. All you need to do is install the application on your smartphone, create an account and follow the instructions to start making money. Most tasks are too simple for a primary school. To reveal the truth, money apps are not helping you make thousands of dollars. These are the apps that can help you make a few dollars every day for completing simple tasks.


How to Earn Money From Play Store by Making an Android Application

  •   Money Making Apps Overview:

To make money from apps, users pay for tasks such as shopping, testing, installing apps, subscriptions, paid surveys, posting reviews, playing games, watching videos, making purchases, fitness tracking, browsing websites, answering quizzes and surveys, searching the web, use it as the default lock screen, browse, listen to music, share, complete reloads, discover offers, recommend users and more.

All these tasks will not be available in a single monetization app. These are the tasks to let you know how to make money from the applications. Depending on the nature of the business, the tasks available in the app will vary. In the case of a money app created by the market research company, you only pay for taking surveys. Choose the applications that generate income for you based on your interest. It is recommended to try different applications to find one that best suits your needs.

Most monetization applications are regional programs, that is, the application only works for users from certain countries. Purchase and refund based apps support users from Tier 1 countries such as the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Therefore, before using an application to make money, make sure it is available in your country.

  • How do these apps pay you money?

The apps below pay real money for completing tasks and offers. Most apps have credits or app currency that can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Credits, Cryptocurrencies, Travel Rewards, Meal Rewards, Movie Tickets are some of the most common payment methods.

  • List of Mobile Apps You Can Make Real Money With:

Here is the list of mobile applications to make money with a smartphone. These are all free money apps to make money without investment. Most applications are compatible with Android smartphones and iPhone. Read the review of apps to make money. Then click the button under the apps below, download and install the free cash app from the Google Play store or the app store and follow the instructions to start making money.

1. Khatriji:

Khatriji’s skyomie benefits to increase their income through some of Khatriji’s services; such as referral income, tree income, repurchase income along with the repayment facility.

In this faster growing world, our lifestyle has become a bit expansive.

Many of us think of a different way to increase our income.

Khatriji is one of those buying and self-assessment platforms where businesses can be established through the Refer & Earn, Tree Income, Re-Purchase Income and Cashback services.

Referral Income: You can increase your income by referring your friends about Khatriji. Get started by logging into your Khatriji account.

Make money by sharing your unique sign up link with your friends through emails and social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram.

You will be paid for every new friend who signs up for Khatriji through your link and when you buy the Khatriji product. The more users you refer, the more revenue can be made for Skyomie.

Income Tree – Once another user signs up with your unique sign-up link or referral ID and buys a product, you can make more money online. The advantage of Skyomie getting here is that you can make money from multiple trees, there are no restrictions on earning income per se.

Repurchase of Income: If the user with the product key joins a tree and buys the same product again, Skyomie gains the benefit of earning more through that user.

Refund: This is nothing more than a surprise income given to Skyomie using services such as Mobile and DTH Recharge. In addition, Skyomie can also get a refund for any Datacard transaction.

2. EmpireReEarn:

Empire ReEarn is one of the emerging online platforms with diverse income facilities. The user can increase their income with the ER aspects such as Income from Self Rotation, Income from Team Rotation, Income from Referral Rotation, and Compensation.


Empire ReEarn - YouTube

User only needs to do mobile or DTH recharge and reload monthly for a specified amount determined by the company.

ER provides multiple income income to its users such as self rotation income, referral rotation income, team rotation income, and rewards. THERE is another platform to establish your business.

All you need to do is download the ER app from the Play Store and browse the ER website for more information.

In addition to these income facilities, ER also offers online payment and charging services.

You can recharge online for your mobile phone, DTH, data card and you can also pay bills for your landline, broadband, electricity, gas pipeline via the ER app or the ER website:

3. Ibotta:

Ibotta is the mobile technology company that started in 2011. Like Swagbucks, ibotta is the world’s largest cash back program for cell phone users that has helped its customers earn $ 350 million to date.

My opinion, it is best to save money by following simple steps in everyday life instead of working to make money.

The same is true here, while the user has to spend hours completing tasks to earn $ 5, the smartest thing is to save the same $ 5 in seconds. If you are willing to save hundreds of dollars every month then ibotta is the app for you.

By using ibotta you will get your daily purchases back. They help your app users find purchase refunds, daily coupons, and cash back offers near your location in seconds. Get a refund for any purchase while shopping, traveling, eating out, using services, etc.

To get your money back from ibotta, you need to find the money back using the app before you buy. Then complete your purchase at favorite stores, retailers, bars, restaurants and apps. Scan the receipt with the app to receive the refund.

This mobile application helps you save money on everyday purchases such as groceries, spirits, food, taxis, clothing, electronics and more and more. ibotta has partnered with leading brands and retailers such as Walmart,, Uber, Target, eBay, Safeway, Best Buy to make this money back program very useful for consumers.

Ibotta users can collect their earnings through Paypal (cash), Venamo and gift cards from the major brands. Start your day with ibotta to save a decent amount at the end of the day. There will be a few hundred dollars in your wallet at the end of the month.

4. Toluna:

Toluna has been one of the world’s leading market research companies since 2000. Toluna helps brands, companies and companies gather consumers’ opinions about their products and services.

Toluna offers its users more money making opportunities compared to its rivals. Previously, Toluna could only be accessed via a computer or mobile phone browser. Now Toluna mobile app has been released for Android and iPhone users with great features.

Use one-touch access features to easily monetize the Toluna mobile app.

While the paid survey is the main money-making option available on Toluna, there are other money-making options available as well. Clinical Trial, Product Tests are high-paying tasks that pay up to $ 200 for members in the selected region. Apart from that, Toluna is a great community to improve our knowledge by participating in discussions, events.

Toluna mobile app users can redeem their points for cash, merchandise and gift cards. PayPal and check are available for cash withdrawal. Redeem points for gift cards from Amazon, Steam, Facebook, Bestbuy, Walmart, Google Play, iTunes, Hulu, Flipkart and other major brands on Toluna.

5. Apptrailers:

Bored with surveys and shopping? Here is the mobile app that lets you earn money by watching videos and playing games. Apptrailers is the free cash app available for Android and iPhone smartphones. Apptrailers is a very interesting application that users of the application doubt whether it is an application to make money or an entertainment application. Enjoy your day watching videos and playing games while remembering that you are getting paid for it.

Watch and get paid for the most popular videos in high definition with the Apptrailers app. Enjoy watching funny videos, movie trailers, game trailers and upcoming TV shows on Apptrailers. Recently, Apptrailers introduced Trivia games to make money playing games on mobile phone. Plus, earn bonus points by answering interesting quiz questions and improving your general knowledge. Sign up to Apptrailers now with the Perk platform to track your progress across multiple devices and convert Perk points into cash using the Perk Plastik prepaid debit card.

App trailers pay their users via PayPal. There are options for gift card redemption: Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Groupon and more brands.

6. Field agent:

The field agent is a somewhat interesting mobile money application compared to other money generating applications. As the name suggests, Field Agent is the app that pays you to work as a Field Agent. To make money with the field agent, the user must complete small available jobs near his location. This is a bit like the Pokemon Go game, where users are paid for simpler tasks such as playing mobile games.

In order to monetize the field agent application, the user must download the application and complete the profile. Then look for the vacancies in your area. Find the one who is interesting, accept the job and complete the job in 2 hours. Submit the task for inspection upon completion. One of the field service professionals will review and approve the shipment. Receive immediate payment after approval.

Generally, available Field Agent jobs pay between $ 2 and $ 12. Field Agent users are paid via bank deposit or Dwolla, depending on their choice.

7. Sweatcoin:

Do you have a plan to improve your fitness? Don’t stop installing Sweat coin on your phone. Sweatcoin turns every step of the outdoors into gadgets, sports and fitness kits, exercise services, nutrition products and more. Sweat coin is a simple application that works with GPS in the background to track user activity. The fittest Sweat coin user can stay healthier and richer.

Start your self-fitness program today by installing the Sweat coin app. Sweat coin automatically converts every step to digital currency, ie “Sweat coin”. When you have enough Sweat coins, spend them on devices and services provided by Sweat coin partners or you can donate them to charities or trade them with your friends and family.

The Sweat coin app is also available for wearable products such as Apple Watch. So if you are concerned about your smartphone battery draining quickly, use it on your wearable devices to stay easy and accurately track your exercise program.

8. Slidejoy:

We are exposed to digital advertisements on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to watch ads?
Slidejoy makes it possible. This app adds ads on your phone’s lock screen You will see a new ad or promotion every time you check your phone’s lock screen. It’s a shame it’s only available to Android users You can collect your rewards or earnings through Paypal or you can do a good cause by donating it to charity programs organized by Slidejoy


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