Best Way to Do Multiple Online Recharge and Bill Payment Easily

Online Prepaid Mobile and DTH Recharge is a new type of service that is in high demand today. People hardly want to miss the due date to pay their bills. Several other options are available in the market to facilitate online Prepaid recharge. But what exactly is needed in an Online Easy and Safe Prepaid Recharge digital portal, please let us know first.

  • With over 130 crore Indians in lockdown, telecom companies could have benefited as mobile data usage was expected to increase.
  • However, as the lockdown forced recharge vendors to shut down, over 66% users who depend on them were unable to recharge their mobile numbers.
  • Additionally, the number of new mobile users also fell drastically, further dampening the mood in the telecom sector.


While online recharges are common amongst the educated middle class, a large chunk which is a part of the mobile ecosystem is away from banking and purchasing online. More than 66% of India still depends on offline recharges, according to an Economic Times report. With the lockdown forcing recharge vendors to shut shop, millions of users who rely on these shops are unable to recharge their mobile numbers.

As a temporary relief measure, Vodafone Idea and Airtel have extended the incoming calls validity of nearly 200 million subscribers from low income groups and those who don’t have smartphones.

Apart from this, telcos also partnered with leading banks to allow users to recharge their mobile numbers at any of the 1,10,000 ATMs in India.

The report also notes that telecom operators have been able to add only 5,00,000 new users during March. This is down from the 2.5-3 million users who are added per month on an average.

To address this issue, Vodafone Idea is reportedly working on a new digital customer acquisition process. This will allow users to take a new mobile connection from their homes. However, since the process is still under development and regulatory approvals take time, Vodafone Idea and other telcos will continue to suffer until the lockdown is lifted.


Fast, Easy, Secure pay online-

Recharge options for all network operators: -There are many network operators in India and there has always been a demand for a portal where customers can recharge their mobile Sims without any problem. Sometimes the apps or the website don’t update, which affects the successful upload numbers. Khatriji is one of the best Digital portals from which you can online recharge any mobile network SIM card and DTH TV from anywhere in India. Mobile SIM cards can be postpaid or prepaid.

Due to busy work schedules and hectic personal life, people don’t have much free time for almost everything. This has created an urgent need for fast and satisfying services like DTH recharge, payment portal, bill pay and even Easy and safe online mobile recharge. It can be said that this is the reason why the market for online payment portals has grown enormously in recent years. Now you can top up prepaid or postpaid online to save a lot of time.

Mobile bill payment

There are many more reasons why the online digital payment portals has boosted in no time, let’s take a look at them:

24 x 7 installation:

You can access the online digital payment portals at any time of the day or night, and you can recharge your phone anywhere in the world. All you need is a good internet connection, and you can recharge in a jiffy whenever you want.

These digital payment portals are accessible 24 hours a day, you can online recharge at any time when you want. You can recharge by using your phone anywhere, anytime, you just need an internet connection. Click here to create a great page about me.

Why Khatriji?

  • Get rewards for Every Online mobile and DTH Recharge
  • Online Recharge anytime, anywhere
  • One Website for all Online recharge and bill payment
  • Pay whenever you like, wherever you like
  • Simple, Fast & Secure
  • Easy to use multiple Payment Methods

All types of refills are available with Khatriji:

  • DTH Service: -Sometimes due to busy work hours we are unable to pay our cable or DTH bills.
  • Utility bills: -Paying your electricity and gas bills is something that needs to be organized. To do this, Khatriji Now is an integrated portal that allows users to quickly pay your utility bills online.
  • Broadband accounts: – Broadband services are one of the basic needs of any business. Broadband bills must be paid on time, and to make it easy for users, we have our online digital portal where our customers can easily pay their bills.
  • Landline Phone Bills: – Gone are the days when people lined up to pay their landline telephone bills. Today, they can also be done online through our unified Khatriji New portal.

Whether they are data plans (2G / 3G / 4G), full talk time recharge, recharge, national and local calling plans, prepaid online recharge, fixed line landline payment Broadband bill payment, roaming packages or combined recharge; you can find any type of recharge and bill payment services you want online. Not only the types of reloads, but also different amounts of slots are available to suit your needs and budget. The procedure is very simple; It involves selecting your price range and top-up types, which won’t take long.

Secure payment gateways:

The payment gateways in Khatriji provides secure payment transfers. You can also use any type of payment mode, including credit, debit, internet banking, and even Khatriji wallet. The procedure is very simple and by entering your card details, you can recharge your mobile phone in seconds.

All telecommunications operators allow Online Prepaid Mobile Recharge with Khatriji:

Unlike business-oriented Recharge facilities, online payment portals allow you to recharge any mobile operator you want. Be it Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance-Jio, Idea, MTNL or Tata Docomo, the recharge offers are available on online recharge platforms such as Khatriji.

You can take advantage of numerous discount offers:

This is the most amazing part of recharge online as there are a wide variety of coupons and cash back offers available. At Khatriji, for example, you can get a cash back on Every recharge your Mobile phone and DTH.

If your still old school and prefer to recharge at the nearby store, you may be missing out on the fun. Why are you unlucky and lazy with the online recharge option and start recharge  to online portals to save time and money?

With people who demand fast and satisfying services coupled with a busy lifestyle. This boosted the online prepaid and postpaid recharge portals and the recharge portal application development company.

Payment method

This gateway has access to several banks from which the payment is generated and transferred to the account of the service provider. Here you can pay with your debit card, credit card, internet banking and debit card. You just need to enter your card details and the payment will be completed in minutes.

All kinds of cargo

It not only offers recharges, it also offers full talk time recharge, data recharge (2g / 3g / 4g), SMS recharge, domestic and international roaming package, recharge, combined recharges (here you get your -up will be charged together with data packets, STD packets with some validity). Along with these variants, you get the number of slots, which means that it provides the price range that you are looking for your reload. After selecting his price range, the portal will show the type of recharges available to you.

Connected to all service providers

With the payment gateway linked to all the leading banks, you are also connected to all the leading service providers. When you enter your mobile phone number, it automatically detects which region your number belongs to and who is the service provider for this particular number. In other words, this portal is connected to all the leading service providers like Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance-Jio, Tata Docomo, etc. Along with the plans they offer.

Multiple payment Services

In addition to mobile recharges, it also offers the possibility of paying a data card, electricity, landline phone bills and much more. Discount coupons and various offers. It is simply to enter the code provided by the service provider when uploading.

Pay Your Bills Online and Save your time and money with

For example, it offers:

They also provide wallet service, where the certain amount you have to put in that wallet, and you can also pay through the wallet of that portal. With this wallet you can also take advantage of cash back options. For example, you can book a plane ticket through the ticket reservation application and make the payment through the wallet of this portal, then you will get a certain refund on that purchase.

When paying online (gas bills, electricity), you can use the refund function with this wallet.
All these services are accessible 24 × 7, you can collect and make other payments anywhere and at any time. Save time and the hassle of recharge and paying by visiting freight centers and other payment centers.

With these facilities available online, there has been an increase in the use of online payment portals and application users.


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