Earn Extra Income: Easy Ways To Make Money Online In India

Do you want to make money? We’ve discovered some easy ways to earn extra money in your spare time, whether it’s at home, online, or just on the go.

There are many quick and easy ways to earn money without selling your home. Check out our roundup of the best tips for earning extra money.

Some can be done from home, some can be done online, and some can be done from home.

Choose the money making tips that suit you best!

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1. Use a Cashback  Website

Whenever you shop online, you should always shop through a money-back website like Quidco or Top Cashback.

If you buy through one of their tracked links, you will get a percentage of what you spend in the form of a cash back. It is essentially free money!

Read our guide to the best cash back websites to learn more about how they work.

2. Use a Cashback Credit Card

Whether you buy online or in person, if you use a cash back credit card, you will get a percentage of the money you spend in cash.

American Express offers some of the best cash back rates on the market for free cash back credit cards.

Woman shopping. (Image: Shutterstock)

With the Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card, you can earn 5% cash back on all expenses within the first six months of opening an account (limited to a maximum of £ 100 in fee.

With cash back cards and cash back sites, it’s important to remember that the goal is to get back the money you were about to incur; don’t spend more than you can afford, just to earn more cash!

3. Get Cashback On Every Recharge

Yes, you can earn money by charging your mobile. There are many online top-up applications that provide facilities to earn money. But I think Empire ReEarn is the best online recharge app to Earn Extra Income without Paying anything.

Simply Recharge any number and in return the user will receive a guaranteed refund on Every Mobile and DTH. When you refer your friend and the friend makes a transaction, you will also get a cash refund according to the refund rate structure.

Not only is it an online recharge app, but you can also Earn Extra Income without investment by recommending it to your friends. For every transaction your friends make, you will receive a cash back amount according to the predetermined cash back rate structure. It’s the only Recommend and earn more money app with utility bill pay and top-up features.

4. Become a Mystery Shopper

If you like to shop around and eat out, why not earn some extra money as a mystery shopper?

Sites like MarketForce will pay you to stop by shops and restaurants without prior notice to rate the experience, and they will pay you for your comments.

To learn more, see how it went when we tried Mystery Shopping.

5. Earn money Selling your Photos

If you can snap a decent photo of cityscapes and landmarks, you may be able to hit them on agencies like Shutterstock, Alamy, and 123RF.

Firms sell your images and pay you a commission depending on what they are for.

I this handy guide you will find more ways to earn money with your smartphone.

6. Do Surveys

Many websites offer the ability to complete surveys in exchange for money.

Swagbucks is one of the newer players on the market and is worth checking out.

Easy ways to make money, including online surveys (Image: Shutterstock)

YouGov is one of the most popular sites, but it can take years to reach 5,000 points to get £ 50 in pay.

PopulusLive has fewer surveys available and payment is limited to £ 50, but you could get up to £ 1 for every five minutes of surveys you take, which means you can get your total faster than on YouGov.

Crowdology has a much lower minimum payment limit of £ 4 and pays via PayPal.

In short, surveys are a great way to earn small sums of money if you have the time.

7. Stay Active

There are several apps that allow you to pay money or offer vouchers to stay fit and healthy.

Learn more by reading our Fitness Rewards App Challenge, which looks at how much we could earn with BetterPoints or Sweatcoin.

8. Help with Old Jobs

If you have some time to kill, you can earn money by helping others with their chores.

Websites like TaskRabbit allow people in certain cities to list the tasks they need help with, like picking up a package or moving, that they are willing to pay for.

To become a helper on any of the sites, you must go through a verification process.

After that, you can choose jobs near you to earn extra money in your spare time.

9. Rent Your Parking Space

Renting your parking space can be a great way to supplement your income.

For example, if you have a driveway outside your home that you don’t always use, you can rent it through a site like JustPark.

Earn extra cash by renting out your driveway (Image: Shutterstock)

Your space is likely to be in higher demand if you live near a sports stadium, resort, airport, or train station.

To learn more, read 6 Ways To Make Money From Your Car.

10. Rent Out a Room

If you have a spare room, having a tenant can be very lucrative.

Thanks to the government’s Rent a Room scheme, you can currently earn up to £ 7,500 per year in tax-free rent.

That means a tenant paying up to £ 625 a month won’t have to pay you a penny in taxes!

Just remember to talk to your home insurance provider first.

For more information, read Room Rental Scheme: Tax Free Cash From Your Room.

If you want more short-term options, it is possible to rent almost every room in your house each week.

Sites like OfficeRiders help businesses find space in private spaces for business meetings, events and joint work, while Kitchen2Rent delivers on what it promises.

11. Sell ​Your Old Phone

Are you on an old mobile that you no longer use? Don’t leave it in the closet collecting dust, save it online!

You can sell it yourself on a site like eBay or Gumtree, or use one of the many cell phone recycling sites to see who pays you the most for your old phone.

Be sure to do a little research on what previous users have for their phones.

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous sites that promise big payouts and then try to interrupt you once the phone is shipped.

12. Sell ​​Your Old Tablet

Earn extra cash by selling your old phone, tablet or laptop (Image: Shutterstock)

Several of these sites also offer cash for older tablets, so if your old iPad or Kindle is still unloved and unused, trade in too!

13. Sell ​​Your Old DVDs

Many sites will pay you for your old DVDs, but the fees are often low.

All you need to do is enter your DVD’s barcode on sites like MusicMagpie, Zapper, and CeX, and the site will give you a price for your DVD.

It’s worth comparing what you get from a few different sites as the values ​​can vary significantly.

We had the rule of thumb on what to expect in UK DVD sales: MusicMagpie vs Zapper, CeX, Ziffit and Momox.

14. Sell at a Car Boot Sale

You can get a higher return by selling your old stuff at a trunk sale.

You can find your local sale at carbootjunction.com.

It’s probably a good idea to go to a sale first to get an idea of ​​where the best seats are and to get some advice on the best way to tie your goods.

For a great guide on how to do this the right way, check out Trunk Sales: Top Tips for Successful Selling.

15. Direct Selling

You can also try selling directly to a company like Avon or Usborne Books.

A good place to find out which companies are worth visiting is the Direct Selling Association.

You should also read our excellent guide on how to make money with a family.

16. Earn Money with Online Searches

How often do you think you are searching for something on Google, Amazon, eBay, or Yahoo? Most of us search for at least one of these sites quite regularly.

But thanks to a site called Qmee, you can get paid for these searches.

Enter your search term as usual and a Qmee result will appear alongside the normal search results. Click on the Qmee result and you will receive a cash reward.

It only costs a few pennies at a time, but it can add up quickly. For more information, read Qmee: Get Paid To Search Online.

17. Have an Opinion, Will Travel …

Register with a market research company and you will be invited to participate in a variety of survey projects, with financial rewards.

For example, when we signed up for Focus4People, we received invitations to participate in travel, news, energy and credit surveys, offering up to £ 50 for one hour.

Man searching for content on laptop. (Image: Shutterstock)

The downside is that you may need to travel to participate, and spaces are often during the day.

But if that doesn’t bother you, it’s an easy way to earn extra money.

With Swagbucks you can earn money from the comfort of your home, but the amount you earn is quite limited,

18. or just watch the telly

Better yet, why don’t you get paid to watch TV? Thanks to TheViewers.co.uk, you can earn a little money by reviewing some TV shows.

This could mean providing feedback on what you’ve seen recently, reviewing a new show before it airs nationally, or helping to develop ideas for new shows.

For more information, read Join TheViewers and Get Paid To Watch TV.

19. Sell ​​yourself

No not like that! But if you have some useful skills, why not make the most of them?

At PeoplePerHour.com, there are thousands of website design, image editing, copywriting and social media experts selling their services by the hour.

If you’re more skilled with your hands, maybe you’re a scissors with a paintbrush or a bit of carpentry, why not put an ad on a site like Gumtree or your local newsstand?

20. Play Video Games

Yes, it really is possible. There are thousands of people streaming their game on sites like Twitch, and some of them are making quite a bit of money from it.

Man playing video game. (Image: Shutterstock)

However, it is not easy at all. Check out our guide to making money from video games for more information.

21. Start a YouTube Channel

Also, why not start a YouTube channel? Presenters on some channels make millions every year, and you, too, could get a piece of the action!

Read Make money with YouTube to learn more.

* This article contains affiliate links, which means that we may receive a commission on any sale of products or services that we write about. This article has been written completely independently

How to Earn More Money Online from Home Quickly and Easily

More and more people are looking for ways to earn money online. Some turn to subtopics to earn some extra money, while others establish Internet businesses that become their full-time jobs.

Let’s take a look at seven ways to make money online that could take up some or a lot of your time. Think of these options as additional sources of income, most of which have the potential to be so much more.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a cheap and relatively easy way to make money online. You don’t need to have your own products or services to sell; Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn commissions from great companies.

Focused biracial man in headphones busy working at workplace

Promote a company’s products or services on your website / blog or social media account and provide links to company offerings. These affiliate tracking links ensure that you get credit for bringing a paying customer to the company’s website and that you get a percentage of the sale as a reward.

The main job in affiliate marketing is to give people a reason to visit your website / blog, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account, and to build a large audience and followers. To do that, you need to provide content that is likely to attract people interested in buying what you are trying to get people to buy. For example, you can write and create videos about consumer electronics (how to use them and / or which ones are the best) in a search engine optimized way.

2. Online Recharge

Yes, you can earn money through mobile recharge. There are many apps for Online recharge, Provide Earning facilities. But according to me, Empire ReEarn is the best online recharge app for Earn Extra Income without paying Anything.

Just recharge any number and in return, user will received guaranteed cashback on Every Mobile and DTH. When you refer your friend and when your referred friend performs transaction you also get a cash back according to cashback rate structure.

It is not only a Online recharge app but it also lets you Earn Extra Income without Investment along the side by referring your friends to it. For any transaction that your friends perform, you get a cashback sum on it, in accordance to its predetermined cashback rate structure. It is the only Refer & Earn more money App with Recharge, Utility Bill Payment features.

3. Start Your Own E-Commerce Website

A related way to make money online, but which may require a bit more work on your part, is with an e-commerce website. You would sell products from your website, whether they are your own or commercially available products.

Two young Muslim women with hijab on small business startup and work at home for online retail store

If you choose the latter route, drop shipping is the most common and easiest way to fulfill orders. You get customers and receive their orders, but an outside company stores and ships them

If you are making your own products, you may want to start selling them both on an established platform, such as Etsy, and on your own site. After building a customer base, you could eventually cut out that middle man.

You can monetize your ecommerce website by hosting ads, such as with Google AdSense.

4. Online Publishing

Regardless of your current profession, nonfiction ebook publishing is a great way to help establish yourself as an authority in your field while generating passive income. Once you’ve written and published the book, you don’t need to do anything active to generate income from it.

If you’ve written a must-read novel, especially in a popular genre like romance, science fiction, fantasy, or mystery, publishing it as an e-book can keep thousands of people watching.

Digital tablet with pile of printed paper books

You can sell e-books on platforms like Amazon.com. If you can make a name for yourself as an author, you can start selling e-books directly from your own website and increase your profits.

Consumers of self-published e-books expect a quality experience comparable to that of a traditional publisher. If you don’t have all the skills to ensure a polished end product, consider hiring a text editor to fine-tune your texts and a designer to create an attractive cover. And if you’re having trouble turning your ideas into paragraphs and chapters of prose, you can hire a development editor to help you with that first part of the process.

5. Take Online Surveys

Completing online surveys is an easy way to earn extra money or prizes like gift cards. Market Research Firms (MRF) are behind many online survey sites, including American Consumer Opinion, owned by Decision Analyst. You can also sign up to take surveys using aggregators like IdeaShifters or Swagbucks, which partner with many different companies and MRFs.

Survey feedback keyboard

Don’t expect to earn more than a dollar per survey. And you will most likely have to provide a lot of information about yourself before you can take the first one.

If you are looking for survey opportunities, stick with companies that have a proven history of paying for survey responses and that are not scams designed to obtain your personal information. Also, keep in mind that you may not qualify for certain surveys because they don’t match the demographics the business is looking for. For example, you may be too old or too young.

6. Online Freelancing

If you have a specific skills-based service that you can perform remotely, such as IT services, copying, or graphic design, you can offer it as a freelance online. If you can find and accept enough jobs, you could become a full-time freelancer in your field. Or you can take on incidental allowances to supplement income from your (main) job.

Woman working at cafe

You can find jobs on freelance-specific websites like Freelancer and Upwork, as well as major job boards like Indeed. Also consider joining an organization specifically for freelancers in your field. These groups often allow you to post information online about yourself and the specific skills you can provide, and they can send email alerts or have a job board with contact information for those seeking freelance help.

A site like Meetup can be a good place to start finding other people who share your interests and skills.

7. Coach Online

Life coaching is another promising online career opportunity, especially if you have strong communication skills and a desire to help others be successful in their personal or professional life. Many people need a push to overcome a mental hurdle that gets in the way of personal happiness or professional confidence. As an online coach, you can give them tips to help them change their thinking and improve their lives.

Happy young businessman waving to an online client

One of the hardest things about becoming a life coach is finding a client base. If you’re just starting out, you can try advertising online and offering to speak with community groups.

Having a professional certification can make you a more credible option when someone is looking for a coach. And by offering the testimonials of previous clients on your website, you also become a more attractive candidate.

8. Offer Online Courses

Like e-books, online courses generate passive income after you create them and make them available online. If you have a talent for teaching and a variety of skills that you would like to share with others, consider creating online courses to earn extra money.

Cheerful professor communicates with pupils over video call

The main website where you can post (and get paid) for your courses is Udemy. However, as with the other online businesses, if you can build a reputation, you can offer your courses through your own site.

In addition to knowledge in a particular field, you must have an attractive presence in your videos. If you cannot keep the attention of potential students, they will not return to class.

9. The Bottom Line

There is a lot of competition online for many of these money making opportunities, especially as more and more people are unable or unwilling to work in traditional settings. According to Stanford University economist Nicholas Bloom, 42% of American workers were working full time from home in June 2020.

To make the most of these opportunities, you need to stand out from the crowd and convince prospects and customers that you are the right person to buy or hire. To be successful in any online activity requires exceptional online marketing skills. If you can learn to successfully sell yourself and get search engine followers and views, your business success should follow.

Best 11 Mobile Apps That Earn You Extra Income Quickly in 2021

Today, smartphones have become a central part of our lives. These phones come with many applications that can do almost anything. I bet that as a smartphone user you already know several applications that you can use to entertain yourself, as well as to save or earn extra money.

What you may not know are some of the following apps that are not as well known but that offer some of the best ways to generate additional income. Do you want to save or earn extra money in your free time? These great apps are what you should be looking at.

1. Take Simple Surveys And Put Cash Back In Your Wallet

The Swagbucks mobile app is one of the best paid survey apps out there. You can get free gift cards and cash for the daily activities you do online.

Get gift cards and cash for stuff you already do online

Swagbucks has already paid out over $ 192,195,020 in free cash and gift cards! They are currently earning an A + with the Better Business Bureau.

The questions are pretty simple, like where do you buy your coffee and what devices do you have?
You can usually earn around $ 5 for 30 minutes of work.

2. Get a refund for the Stuff you Already Bought.

Get refunds on stuff you already bought

Stores are constantly changing their prices. Paribus is a free online tool that monitors your purchases to find money when prices drop. If you buy something and it goes on sale later, Paribus works effortlessly paying you the difference. That’s free money! See if online stores owe you a refund

3. Earn Money Through Mobile Recharge

I’m going to break down the best passive income apps that you can use to easily start generating additional income each month! You won’t get rich overnight using any of these platforms, but some free money never hurts!

1. Khatriji

Khatriji offers you a platform to earn income. You can refer friends & family, if they buy any Khatriji’s product, then user can take the benefits of Referral Income and Repurchase Income. A money tree is built up by this process and user can earn with Tree Income and become a Skyomie user. If you buy the same product again, you are benefitted with RePurchase Income.

Khatriji also offers cashback on every mobile recharge and DTH recharge. Khatriji is also a online portal that provides you online payment for all your utility bills such as landline bill payment, electricity bill payment, broadband bill payment, gas bill payment and also life insurance premium payment.

3. Empire ReEarn

Empire ReEarn, with just a few clicks and all the necessary information, you can successfully recharge online and pay your bills. As a 100% secure payment option, it guarantees the total security of the shared information. Various service provider networks covered by prepaid mobile recharge include Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Tata, BSNL and Tata Docomo, etc. Empire ReEarn offers a cash back offer for every prepaid Mobile recharge and DTH recharge. Additionally, Empire ReEarn provides income from trees to grow your business without investment.

Prepaid users, there are many plans and their information that you can use to make informed decisions before making a recharge transaction. For uninterrupted DTH services, you can connect your Airtel DTH, Big TV, Dish TV, Sun TV, Tata Sky, and VideoconD2H for instant live upload, without missing your favorite shows to watch all sports live. with a substantial discount for every recharge.

4. Take Photos of Your Receipts With Your Phone.

Better than coupons and you pay in cash! Ibotta offers you an excellent way to save by obtaining discounts. All you have to do is:

Use instant coupons to get cash back

  1. Create a new account
  2. Download the mobile app
  3. Click on “Discounts”

You will find many popular offers on the Discounts page. Just take photos of your receipts and receive discounts. These discounts vary by promotion and product. At this point, Ibotta is giving new users a $ 10 sign-up bonus just for redeeming their first coupon.

5. This Application Pays You to Search the Web.

This app pays you money to search the web

You search on the Internet, right? With the InboxDollars search engine, you can earn cash rewards for a variety of tasks, including online searches. Earn one penny for each of your first five qualified searches and another penny for every two after that. You can earn up to 15 cents per day through the InboxDollars search engine. Sign up for InboxDollars and get $ 5 free.

6. Sell ​​Your Old Electronics for Cash

Do you need money quickly? With the easy-to-use Decluttr app:

Sell your unused items for cash

  1. Scan the barcode of your older CDs, DVDs, phones, games, books, tablets and more
  2. Receive an offer for your things immediately
  3. Send your things
  4. You will receive prompt payments the next day when your items are received

How cool is that? You can clean your closet and get paid. Get Cash For Your Junk Items Now

7. Earn Money for Your Opinion

The i-Say survey app was created by survey company Ipsos and pays you for your opinion. Ipsos is always at the center of all political opinion polls, so you might recognize the name. With the i-Say consumer app, you earn some extra money by completing surveys in your spare time.

Get paid for sharing your opinion

You can also earn points redeemable for cash through PayPal or iTunes and Amazon gift cards. Start sharing your opinion to earn rewards

8. Use this Application to Sell Your Old Books.

Bookscouter is an application to sell your old books that you no longer want to keep. Just grab your smartphone and scan the barcodes of the books you want to sell. After scanning the barcode, Bookscouter allows you to view deals from at least 20 companies that are re-buying books.

Use this app to sell your old books and get instant price quotes

Once you find the best deal, you will be asked to fill in some information about where you want to send payments. Finally, send the books to the address of the chosen buyback company. Receive instant offers for your used books

9. Share Your Purchase Information Online and Get Paid

Share your knowledge with The Harris Poll, a trusted company that has been conducting market research for more than 20 years. When you shop online, you can make money by helping research companies learn more about what people buy online. Companies use this information to improve your shopping experience. Get started in 3 easy steps and get $ 3 by signing up!

  1. Sign up now (only takes a few minutes)
  2. Install the ShopTracker app
  3. Start earning rewards month after month

ShopTracker ONLY catalogs store data (NOT your name or address) and ensures your complete anonymity along with the safe and worry-free use of your in-app login / password details.

10. Sell Your Photos

If you like taking photos for fun, then Foap is the app for you. With Foap you can earn some money taking pictures. You put a price tag on your photos, giving you unlimited opportunities to earn money through the app.

In this age of websites and blogs, the demand for great photos in various areas is endless. Take a moment to take pictures and upload them to this app. You might be surprised how much a photo of your adorable pup can produce. Become a Foaper now

11. Make Money Being a Secret Agent

You want to get paid to be a spy (in a good way!) As a field agent, you use your smartphone to collect photos, videos, and information from stores and many other locations. The Field Agent app gives you great ways to earn money doing small jobs.

Earn money being a field agent and reporting

  1. In the main navigation pane of the app, there is the “To Do List” column and the “Map View” column that you can use to search for jobs.
  2. Once you have selected a job, you can view additional information about it and accept it if it matches your skills.
  3. After selecting the course, you will be given two hours to complete it. Make sure you choose tasks to do in that time frame!

Make Money With The Field Agent App Disclaimer: We have some pretty famous study cats here (yes, the dog too) who prefer good pet food. Affiliate links on this page will prevent you from going on strike.

Easy Way to Earn Money in India 2021 – 4 Ways – Without Investment & Scam

Earning money online sounds really cool, right? Especially if you can do it without or with minimal investment.

In a country like India, where we don’t have the culture to do a part-time job in the Dominos or Starbucks places, making money online has helped many students Earn Some Extra Money without Much Investment.

When you think of making money as an art, you are doing things that you cannot even imagine. It’s an art where you combine your wits, skills, and education to generate income.

Unfortunately, Indian universities and schools directly or indirectly empower you to earn money, but they never tell you how to manage it or the resources to earn it. Thank God for making all of this possible.

So let me start by telling you how to make money online in India without investing.

Why is the Internet Such a Good Resource for Making Money?

With the rise of the internet in the last 3 decades, the opportunities to earn money online have increased dramatically.

In January 2020, almost 4.54 billion people were active Internet users, representing approximately 59% of the world’s population.

By the way, Asia had the most users online in 2018 and is always at the top of the list.

The best thing about making money online is that it can be done by anyone, regardless of age, gender and education.

You can easily generate passive income from home, which may even exceed your active income. Sounds interesting right?

Do you know that the number of Internet users will soon exceed the total population of the G7 countries combined ?

The Internet offers many opportunities for anyone interested in learning and discovering. But before I tell you about some ways to Earn Money Making Online in India Without Investment, keep a few things in mind.

Some Points to Keep in Mind:

You won’t start making money overnight. You have to constantly work and try a different approach. There are some websites that claim to help you make money fast but it is just a scam. So stay away from those things.

There are many scams on the Internet, do not fall for this trap, you will only waste your time and energy. If you just want to make money without having basic skills like video writing or editing, then you need to learn a lot before you start making money.

For example, if you are in college and looking for ways to earn money, you can talk to your friends or surf the Internet. You will find all kinds of students doing all kinds of things, many of them coming to you with suggestions on their ways to earn money. Don’t fall into a trap. They will convince you by saying that you can make money very fast and it is authentic. Please keep your emotions in check, I know they are very good at persuading, but start using your brain and just come back.

I put it first because it is really important.

45+ Ways How to Make Money Online {Real & Working Methods in 2021} - Bloggingvine

A man once asked Mr. Warren Buffet, “Your way of getting rich is very simple and efficient, so why doesn’t everyone follow it to get rich?” To which he replied, “Everybody wants to get rich overnight, nobody has the patience to wait,” and he laughed.

Believe me, these few lines can change your life!

Now let me tell you how to make money online in India without investing.

There are many ways to make money online. In some cases, you will be paid by the hour. In some cases you work on the projects and pay.

Some of the ways are given below.

  • Freelancing
  • Stock market trading
  • Doing surveys
  • Becoming a consultant
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Virtual assistant

I will discuss with you the best ways to earn money online in India without investment for students and others. These methods are the most reliable and authentic.

If you want some Quick ways to Earn Money online in India, then click the link.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to earn good money without much investment? Want to be part of a $ 6.8 billion industry that accounts for roughly 15% of all digital media revenue?

  • What’s Affiliate marketing?

Basically it is the marketing of a product of a person or a company. You get money as part of the commission based on your sales.

The company will give you a link to the product and you can put the link on your social media account or send it to people in person. If someone buys the product through that link, they will get paid. Sounds simple right?

  • How does it work?

So basically there is a merchant, a branch or the publisher and the customers.


The merchant is the owner of the product. They can be large companies like Apple, Ebay or it can be an individual. These companies pay you a commission for selling their products.

The Affiliate

An affiliate marketer is the person who earns the commission by selling the product. You are an affiliate, you are not directly employed by the company, but you help them market their product using their network.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn up to 10-15% commission for products and 80% commission for services.


Anyone who buys a product or service is a customer. You have clients around you. The affiliate tries to promote the product through blogs, social media accounts, WhatsApp, email, etc. If someone buys the product, they will receive their commission.

You don’t need inventory, you don’t need big investments. But you can still sell as many products as you want.

  • How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

Step 1:

You must register as an affiliate. There are several websites that offer an affiliate program. One of the most popular programs is from Amazon. All you have to do is fill in some details and sign up!

Step 2:

Select your product and you will get a product link from the website. It is always better for you to select a niche that interests you or have a strong hand rather than randomly selecting products. For example, if you have a good sense of fashion, go for trendy products.

Step 3:

The time has come to publicize your product. You can start a blog or YouTube channel and start promoting. You can use your social media account for this. As your customer base increases, your income increases.

For example, if you decide to become an affiliate, you can log into amazon or flipkart and create your own account. Now you can choose your product like books or some specific products. In my case, I would go for the books. Do your research now and take a look at the best-selling books on Amazon, because they have a higher probability of being sold. Select some books and generate the link. Now post this link on all your social media and blog if you have one. The more books you sell, the more commissions you generate.

You can get started today and tell me about your progress in the comment section, I’d love to hear about it.

And this is how you earn with affiliate marketing. When you start it, you will learn a lot of new strategies and soon you will start to make good profits.

This is something that comes out of experience and there are many things to learn.

2. Real Money Making Smartphones Apps

Ever wondered how free apps make money? I sure did. At least up to the time when I realized that however free an application may seem, the people who created it expect to get paid one way or another. So, yes, free apps make money.

At some point, I started noticing that the number of paid applications in the App Store has dropped. As per Statista, at the time of December 2019, 90.8% of iOS apps were free, and for Android ones, this number is even higher.

Believe it or not, free apps can actually generate A LOT of money for your business. According To My Experience.It also depends on your monetization strategy.

The average person spends about 4 hours a day on their cell phones—and about 90% of that time is spent using apps. So why not turn your mindless scrolling into cold, hard cash? We rounded up our favorite moneymaking apps, from apps that help you earn cash back on online purchases to those that pay you for your opinions, to those that will invest your spare change for you, even apps that will pay you to exercise. Yes, really. Read on to see which apps made the list.

Here is My Best Paid Applications list

1. Khatriji

This one is the best genuine app for an internet marketer. A lot of people already earn unlimited recharge by signup & refer earn. With the Khatriji app, you can send and request money from your contacts anytime, anywhere in seconds.

Khatriji Provides Mobile Recharges, paying bills and buying products are made easy in Khatriji with its services like mobile recharge, DTH recharges, bill pay, bus and plane tickets, referrals and earnings, tree income, buyback and return income of cash for Skyomie.

Along with this Khatriji is one of the most trusted and reputed company. You can definitely earn some money by mobile recharge, money transfer, bill payments, etc.

Khatriji even provides tree income as well as Refer-Earn-Repeat income services. Khatriji App is Free to use.

2. Empire Re Earn

Empire ReEarn, with just a few clicks and all the necessary information, you can successfully top up online and pay your bills. As a 100% secure payment option, it guarantees the complete security of shared information. Different networks of service providers covered by prepaid mobile recharge include Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Tata, BSNL and Tata Docomo, etc. Empire ReEarn offers a cash back offer on every prepaid recharge. Additionally, Empire ReEarn provides income from trees to Grow your business without investment.

Prepaid users, there are many plans and their information that you can use to make informed decisions before making a recharge transaction. For uninterrupted DTH services, you can connect your Airtel DTH, Big TV, Dish TV, Sun TV, Tata Sky, and VideoconD2H for instant live upload, without missing your favorite shows to catch all sports live. with a large rebate for mobile recharge.

3. Freelancing

In India there are about 10 million self-employed.

Did you know that according to a survey, there are roughly 23% of self-employed in India earning around Rs 40 lakh a year?

I think this is something that will not only improve your competition but stabilize you financially. When it comes to how to make money online in India without investing. This may be the best way for students. I have seen many students work as freelancers and earn quite a bit of money.

If you are a college student, I recommend that you consider this and read the following article carefully.

  • What is Freelancing?

Self-employment is basically a term used for a person who is self-employed and works independently for clients. You have the freedom to work whenever you want.

If you have any skills like web development, writing, video editing, proofreading, graphic design, administration, event management, etc. You can work as a freelancer from home.

This covers almost every skill a person can have and there are some platforms that will provide you with a client base where you can use your skills to earn money.

  • How to Start Freelancing?

Like affiliate marketing, you need to register as a freelancer. There are many online websites available for the same, such as Freelancer or Upwork. You just need to identify your area of ​​expertise.

For example, if you love reading novels and you really love books and are also good at English, you can sign up as a proofreader on Upwork or as a freelancer. All you need to do is read the author and help correct the plot and some grammatical errors. You love to read and all you have to do here is read. The best part is that you get paid for it. You can use that money to buy more books that you like :).

Sign up on these websites, set your price, and start working as a freelancer.

It can serve clients not only in India but all over the world. You can talk to your clients about the requirements and determine the work deadline.

Take the projects and start winning. Look, it’s that simple!

As you get to work, you build your reputation and your network. Once you are in a good position, you can increase your pay. Essentially, you are your own boss.

  • Freelance as a career:

Freelancing can turn into a career of a lifetime. There are a lot of people who are self employed as a full time job. Starting small, you can build your career in this field.

There are even some freelancers who hire other people to work for them! If you want to scale, you need more manpower.

For example, if you specialize in writing, you can start freelancing for clients initially and start earning. Once you’ve worked for enough clients and gained enough experience, you can increase the amount you charge. As the number of clients increases, you can hire more freelancers among you to achieve your goals. This saves you time and you can manage many projects. If you think you are doing well, you can start your own website and create your own teams and build a small business online. This is very common today.

But if you really want to grow, choose a skill that you really enjoy so it doesn’t feel like work.

4. Blogging

This term is heard very often and is popular. Let me tell you that blogging is really fun and exciting. It provides you with a wide variety of opportunities to learn and grow.

What is a Blogging ?

In simple terms, blogging is the act of expressing your opinion or thoughts on the Internet through photos, videos, or content. Blogs can be of many types depending on the person.

You can blog about any topic that interests you, such as food, travel, books, educational content, etc. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re 14 or 45, anyone can blog.

Blogging – Can It Be Automated? – Aggressive Growth Marketing

If you are a student and you have a lot of thoughts coming out of your mind, this is a perfect place for you.

For example, all the students in all the universities in India are philosophers. You agree, right? This is actually very common, especially in engineering colleges. You can’t even imagine the kind of thoughts students have. Let me tell you that the Internet is a perfect fit for these kinds of thoughts. Sounds fun right? You can tell me your philosophical thoughts in the comment section. I would love to read them and if they are really nice I can of course use them on my next blog with your permission.

Not just thoughts, but your grandmother’s secret recipe that you would like to share with people. You can share her experiences or just write great stories on her blog. You can literally do anything.

Everything here revolves around your imagination and creativity. The blog is like a canvas and you are the painter, all you have to do is paint with your thoughts and emotions.

You will not only enjoy it very much, but you will also start making money.

There are several ways to start blogging. I will tell you some.

Ways to Blogging:

There are many ways to start blogging.


If you are creative enough and you love recording videos, this is the best platform for you. If you think you can make people laugh or want to teach them through videos, this is the place for you. You can also use it for podcasts.

All you need to do is create a YouTube account and start making good videos. You have to be consistent and innovative. There are many famous Youtubers who have made their fortune through this platform.

For example, if you are going to create motivational videos on youtube, you can search for the most common and popular problems people face and put them in your videos. Once you have enough subscribers, you can start making money from YouTube.

You must have heard of Sandeep Maheshwari. He has the largest motivational channel in the world that is not monetized. He currently has more than 14 million subscribers. Although he does not make money with YouTube, because it is his passion. But you can do wonders on youtube.

If you’ve decided to start a YouTube channel, check out this great article on where to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers (http://profseema.com/content-marketing/where-to-get-1000-free-youtube -subscribers /)

Learn some crazy ideas to channel your YouTube views for money (link to my last article)

Instagram and Facebook

People have started using these platforms for blogging. The basic requirement you need are followers. You can post photos and short videos on Instagram.

There are several techniques to increase likes and followers on Instagram. For example, you can use some special hashtags on Instagram to get more likes and followers.

If you want to increase Instagram likes, I recommend reading this article on how to use Instagram hashtags to get more likes.


You can create your own website and start posting the content. If you like to express your thoughts in writing, this will work best for you. You can create your own website using various platforms like wordpress, godaddy, etc. It does not require a lot of investment.

You can easily create your own blog and start writing on it.

How can you earn through blogging?

Once you have a good amount of traffic to your blogs, you can start to earn it.

Google Ads

This is a very popular way to make money from blogging. You get paid to post some ads on your blog. To get started, you need to sign up for a Google Ads account.

If you sign up, you can monetize your YouTube channel or your website. You will receive a commission from Google based on CPC (cost per click).

Direct Ads

Once you have a lot of traffic on your blogs, you can advertise some institutions and companies. They pay you directly for the ads. This can be a good source of income.

Affiliate marketing

I already told you about this program. You can use it on your blogs and earn direct commissions from companies.

Sponsored posts

This is another way to monetize your content. You can post good quality content on your blogs and get paid for it.

The Potential of Blogging:

There are many companies like YourStory, Simplilearn that started blogging. These companies have grown on a large scale with this platform. There are many Youtubers who earn millions of rupees through paid sponsors and Google Ads.

People have used their talents and the power of the Internet to make their dreams come true. You can also reach heights of success using these platforms.

Why are Blogging Great?

Blogging is very exciting. You get to meet a lot of new people and you learn a lot of new things.

One of the best is that you can make money from your content for life!

It does not have any limitations related to time or location. You are your own boss and you do the job as you see fit.

The Internet is full of possibilities and opportunities. You just have to take it and learn and grow from it. With the upcoming new ways to earn money online, people have started exploring different ways to generate passive income for themselves.

These were some of the best ways to earn money online from home. So bring your laptop and get to work. Who knows what future holds for you!


  1. The Internet is a great way to work from home and earn money online.
  2. Always go for the authentic and proven ways to earn money. But more importantly, you have to do something that you enjoy.
  3. Affiliate markup has always been a popular choice among people to monetize commission.
  4. Freelancing is one of the best ways to show your skills and use them to earn money. It’s great for college students.
  5. Blogging not only gives you freedom, it also gives you the opportunity to learn and grow.
  6. There are various ways to earn money, such as creating a YouTube channel, using Instagram or Facebook, blogging, etc.
  7. You can turn your hobby into a life-long career and start a business.
  8. Take advantage of the opportunities and look for what suits you best. Once you find it, just start working on it.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comment section. So all the best for your new experience and keep growing.

7 Proven Ways to Earn Extra Money Online In India

Online jobs pay better than regular office jobs and online jobs will be safer than a regular job for years to come.

My name is Vishal Khatri. I started my SureJob and Money Connexion blogs 1 years ago. Millions of people from India, USA and almost all countries use these blogs and to earn extra money.

There are many other websites that claim to offer instant jobs online that can make you rich, but there is no such thing on the internet.

Yes, there is a huge amount of money on the Internet, but only for those people who deserve it. You need to work hard and maintain patience before you start making money from online jobs.

Go through these 7 options and find out which ones work for you.

1. Freelance Work :

Freelance work has always been a popular way to earn money online and the internet has several options. There are several websites that offer freelance jobs for people with different abilities. All you need to do is create an account, scroll through the lists, and sign up for the task that suits you best. Some websites even require you to create a personal list detailing your skills so that interested customers can contact you directly.

2. Money Earning Apps :

Gone are the days when you had to work hard to earn every rupee. Today you can earn money from the comfort of your home. The thought seems unlikely and attractive at the same time. However, there are several apps that you can earn that extra penny with without having to put too much effort. You don’t need to be an academic expert for this.

There are money making apps that you can install on your smartphone that will help you earn good income. But here I show you 2 top rated apps that generate more income in less time.

1. Khatriji

Whenever the user automatically registers with Khatriji, purchases the Khatriji product, and then joins one of the trees at his request using the Khatriji Product Key, the user is known as Skyomie of Khatriji. Skyomie can expand the tree by referring to her friends and family, and if one of them buys Khatriji’s product, Skyomie will get even more referral income in that case.

So a tree has been developed and Skyomie has the advantage of making money from multiple users that he / she referred. This whole process is called the Make Your Own Money Tree. Now if Skyomie buys the same product from Khatriji again, she will also get income to buy again. The refund offered after each Mobile and DTH recharge also slightly increases your income.

2. Empire ReEarn

Empire ReEarn gives you easy access, but also guarantees fast transactions. ER can complete your Prepaid Mobile and DTH recharge in less than 10 seconds. You can recharge your mobile immediately and receive an attractive refund for each Recharge transaction.

In addition to the ability to recharge multiple times, Empire ReEarn offers referral income to consumers. The ER user will not receive the benefit of all this income until they become a member and complete their ER profile. All four revenue types have their own modules and forks that must be followed to take advantage of the Empire ReEarn benefits. But generally, there is a way to increase your income by following these steps. There is another platform to establish your business.

3. Teaching Online :

If you are an expert on a particular topic, you can earn money by tutoring people online. Online tutoring provides a way to connect with students of all ages online, across the country, to provide homework help and tutoring in subjects in which you have demonstrated expertise.

4. Website Design :

Not all business owners are tech savvy, but the need of the moment is to have their own website. Those who know everything about technology, especially with regard to websites, can help small businesses create and make money from their own websites. Coding and web design are the essential ingredients in website creation. Additionally, websites need maintenance and may need to be updated regularly, which can increase revenue.

5. Blogging :

Start with a hobby, interest, and passion, and soon blogging becomes a career choice for many bloggers. There are several full-time bloggers. There are two ways to start a blog: you can create a blog through WordPress or Tumblr, which requires no investment, or you can go for a self-hosted blog.

6. Content writing :

creative content writing - Infouna Technologies Udupi, Web design companyOnline platforms can be a great starting point. Payment is made based on the quality of the items. You may also be asked to work on articles with specific guidelines. Develop a niche in your field and build strength in that domain to increase your income stream.

7. Social Media Strategist :

5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Media Strategist - Tonic StoriesTonic  Stories

In addition to interacting with friends and strangers, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat can be used to earn money. Businesses and brands pay social media strategists to further increase the popularity of their products. With a lot of competition and the ever-shorter attention span of online viewers, creativity is essential to create posts, videos, etc. that can quickly go viral and increase brand equity. Remember that social media takes special time and energy to stay relevant. This is why you should share posts and interact with your followers regularly.

Some Easy Types to Earn Money Online In India

Do you want to know the best ways to make money online in India without investments that really work? Come with me. Just follow this comprehensive guide, I promise it will change your online career and financial life. Here I show you how to make money online from home that works without any investment or with minimal expenses.

More and more people are looking for ways to earn money online. Some turn to side issues to earn some extra money, while others set up Internet businesses that become their full-time jobs.

Let’s take a look at Five ways to make money online that could take up some or a lot of your time. Think of these options as additional sources of income, most of which have the potential to be so much more.

So, are you ready to become an online entrepreneur? If so, don’t miss a word of information here. Sit down, have a cup of tea, and READ this entire article.

                  Can You Really Earn Online Income in India?

The answer is definitely yes! You can earn real money working online from home. That too without paying anything. I am going to show you how to generate sustainable passive income without any investment in India.

Some people still don’t believe that internet income is possible.

I remember one of my friends asked me early in my career how to make money online in India without investing. He was a bit skeptical at the time. That’s why I did a little research on this topic, then I realized that it is very possible and that we can make a decent income online without spending a penny.

However, investing some initial findings in building your online business would yield better results. And the numbers cannot be the same for everyone. You can earn even more than this (or less). That also depends on your efforts and your nature or work.

Best Ways To Earn Money Online in India (Without Investment)


Being self-employed is the way anyone can earn money online for free without any investment. If you have skills like designing, writing, speaking, correcting, etc. Then the world of online work from home in India awaits you. There are always enough vacancies for this online job. Some of the best jobs are:

  • Online Typing Jobs
  • Online Form Filling Jobs
  • Copy Paste Jobs
  • Online Data Entry Jobs

You can do all kinds of mini tasks at home to earn good money online. Just visit a few freelance professional sites where there are a lot of micro jobs available. You can sign up at: Freelancer, peopleperhour, Guru, Upwork, etc.

There are many categories of works available. There are almost endless freelance job openings to earn money online in India without investment.

Sign up and start working as a freelancer
Just sign up there and create a great looking listing for free. All of these platforms are free to use and there are no setup fees. So you can get started without any investment. You can become self employed in India.


Do you know the potential of social networks? Provides the opportunity to reach an unlimited audience in an instant. You may have seen the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Since you are directly connected to people, this network can provide you with opportunities to increase your earnings.

Imagine the possibilities if you have a fan page with thousands of followers. You can earn money doing different things in India or abroad. It is known as influencer marketing.

You can charge companies in exchange for promoting your brand. The amount can vary based on a number of factors including: number of likes / followers, country, business segment, engagement, etc. Learn more about how to make money from the Facebook page you have.

Build your fan base on these platforms by providing valuable items. You can share your knowledge with these social networks and people who want to learn will follow you. Just keep providing useful information to improve their lives.

Instagram is also gaining popularity in India these days. If you don’t use it yet, you will miss a whole world. It is never too late, learn how to become an influencer on Instagram based on your experience. Once you have your own fans, you can easily earn money online in India.

So if you are passionate about creating a strong social presence for your business or yourself, get started today. It is an asset that you will build.


Do you know that the smartphone you are using can be turned into a money generating machine? You may know this because it is popular in India. Making this money with mobile is not new to the industry. In fact, this is the oldest way to generate fast digital income.

If you need money quickly (even within a day), this can be helpful. And you can start without investment or financing. For many years, people have been involved in sending jobs via SMS in India to earn money on a daily basis. However, time has changed and today we have some great apps that can help you earn money right away.

You will find numerous money making apps in India that can be used to earn money quickly. Although some applications are quite impressive. They have a series of micro-jobs or mini jobs that generate real payments upon completion.

Types of Apps to Earn Real Money
1 . Khatriji

Whenever the user self-registers with Khatriji, purchases Khatriji’s product, and then joins one of the trees at his request using Khatriji’s product key, the user is known as Khatriji’s Skyomie. Skyomie can expand the tree by referring to her friends and family, and if one of them buys Khatriji’s product, Skyomie will get even more referral income in that case.

So a tree has been developed and Skyomie has the advantage of making money from various users that he / she referred. This whole process is called the Make Your Own Money Tree. Now if Skyomie buys the same product from Khatriji again, she will also get income to buy again. The rebate offered after each mobile and DTH recharge also slightly increases your income.

2. Empire ReEarn

The easiest way to earn money. Your online prepaid recharge is just a click away with Empire ReEarn! Empire Re Earn is your one-stop online recharge solution. For every prepaid recharge you complete at Empire ReEarn, you can earn special rewards, including cash back.

Multiple revenue facilities in ER include self-turnover revenue, referral turnover revenue, team turnover revenue, and rewards. The ER user will not benefit from all of that income until they become a member and complete their ER profile.


Selling Courses Online You can start making money selling courses. You can do this through Udemy and Skillshare, Udemy allows you to upload PDF files, videos, and general course materials. Udemy will receive 50 percent of your course sales if you promote it, but 3 percent if you promote it yourself. Therefore, it is better to promote it through your website or blog. And that’s why I told you to start a blog as the first step to start making money online.

And if you need a channel with more reach, you can post your courses on SeekaHost University, but quality is important. We only accept specialized digital marketing courses and if you have mastered them, you can take a course. But I suppose if you know digital marketing to a sufficient level to create a course that you will probably earn on the Internet.

If you know the skills but are looking for new ways to make money, creating a course and selling online is a great way.

You can see that guys like Sam Owens have created a course that teaches people how to become consultants and says they have made more than $ 20 million online. Read their website for ideas on how to become a consultant and the lectures will also inspire you to embark on your consultant journey.


If you have some spare time, you can earn extra income in your pocket by working as a captcha solver.

How to Make Money Online Without Investing

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online in your spare time. You just have to read the captcha images and write the exact characters, but you have to be very fast to earn good money. If your typing speed is more than 30 words per minute, you can earn more than others.

As everyone knows, what is captcha and how some programs use bots to autocomplete these captchas. If you are using Google Chrome, you know what Chrome extensions are for completing captchas without hand typing.

Now I hope you understand why you get paid to solve captcha. But honestly, the returns are low, so I do not recommend this method for those who want to make money.

Top Captcha Solver sites:


That’s all about Top 5 Ways by which you can earn money online. I hope you now know how to make money online. I’ve listed all the practical ways to make money, and if you have some more good ideas, do comment it down and help others living a great life 🙂

Easy to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2021

Is it really that difficult to make money online and that too without investments? Not at all. It’s not just about money to invest, it’s about experience. Although there are many ways to earn money online without paying a penny. I have the list of the best legitimate ways to make money online without paying anything. Check it out, it’s written.

Scrolling through the Facebook feed, stalking others on Instagram, and engaging in their WhatsApp conversations day and night is a real waste of time. Instead, I have come up with the best ideas for you to earn money. I hope you implement it and I am sure you will earn a lot of money from it.

Because we all like to spend money on hamburgers, pizzas, fancy clothes and giggles, but…. Where do you get the money to buy all of these? I agree that you accept money from your parents, but until what time do you depend only on them? Where is your money? Where is your income?

Look, money is very important and I am a student (child). And I have a very good knowledge of this because I read books on entrepreneurship, money management and much more. As a book addict, I would like to recommend this “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book.

Look, we’re not all born with a silver spoon, so we can’t all invest in this online market. But there are many ways to earn money without paying anything.

If you are a child, student, homemaker, or employer, the following information will help you a lot. So take a look at this.

That being said, some companies and secondary businesses are better suited to the laptop lifestyle than others. In this guide, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of some of the best options for making money.

These are Some of the Best Possible Ways To Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything.

1. Write an article

This is freelance work that pays a good price. There are people in the market who charge a great deal for articles of only 1000 words.

How To Make Money Online By Writing Meaningful Articles / Digital Information World

While article writing jobs are work from home jobs and these types of jobs are included in freelance jobs. Because freelancers have a lot more categories besides writing articles

If you are a content creator, copywriter, editor, creative writer, or anything else, the websites below will make you a good investment. These are legitimate websites that will pay you.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs

2. Blogging

While blogging is a good way to earn money. But can you make money without paying anything through blogging? While it is possible!

If you create your website on Blogger, you can make money online without paying anything. Go with the Blogspot subdomain and create your website for free.

Subsequently publishing a generous number of posts that are SEO friendly will get your Adsense approved on your website with the subdomain.

How to Make Money Blogging in 2021 - The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Once you make an income, start posting great content that’s optimized. Also, as your articles are ranked on Google at the same time, the traffic value of your sites will also increase. The more you attract visitors, the more you earn.

And if you think this option is practical, you will apply yourself and you can make money from it. Have great faith and consistency in your work. You will make money for sure.

And furthermore, you can earn money by writing just one sponsored post on your website. Trust me, this has great potential and you will earn a lot of money from it.

You just need a Gmail 18+ ID and you’re done.

  • Blogger
3. Make Real Money Using Mobile Apps

The growing online world has opened up some unusual but real opportunities to earn money from the comfort of your home. And don’t worry, you don’t need any special skills or qualifications before you say get started.
Crazy! Yes, you have the option to earn money from popular mobile applications. Let’s learn more about the applications to earn money online on your smartphones.

Highest Paying Apps To Make Money in 2021

1. Khatriji

Khatriji provides online recharge facility for mobile, DTH, Datacard through Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Datacard Recharge. Khatriji Even Provides Broadband Bill Payment, Landline Bill Payment, Electricity Bill Payment, Gas Bill Payment, Postpaid Mobile Bill Payment, Postpaid Datacard Bill Payment. khatriji (@KhatriJi_OJCT) | Twitter

Khatriji Provides Cashback on every mobile recharge , DTH recharge and Data Card Recharge and credit it to Khatriji Wallet .

Khatriji offers refferal income, tree income to friends and to your family and become a Skyomie user and process can be said as make your own money tree.

2. Empire ReEarn

Empire ReEarn has developed a unique multirecharge platform that brings together a variety of prepaid mobile, DTH operators. We provides online recharge because we want to serve a large customer base with different requirements.

Although our Digital platform service is faster. Empire ReEarn not only provides you with easy access, we also ensure fast transactions. We can complete prepaid mobile recharge in less than 10 seconds. You can instantly recharge your mobile and get an attractive commission on every transaction.

3. YouTube Channel

The most efficient and simple way to earn money. Of all the offers, I would like you to say that you should go for this one.

Seriously, this is the best way to earn money. You can’t imagine how much you can earn with YouTube. In the early stages, you will have a hard time getting those 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. But if your content has quality and power, these stats are pretty easy to break.

While I have the best strategy to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Apply this strategy to monetize your channel. Watch:

The secret strategy to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing.

And as your channel grows, you can earn money from promotions, sponsorships, and more. You can also rate products on your channel and earn a good amount by sharing the affiliate link of the product in the description.

YouTube is a great platform to earn money. What if you think about how to get a professional camera and everything to record videos? How to edit videos? I also have a solution for that.

Look, you must have a smartphone, start with that and then when you start to get a good deal through your channel, buy yourself a camera. Good luck with your YouTube trip. [Always do the right SEO for your YouTube videos so that your videos rank based on the term you want to rank for].

4. Sell used items

All those things that can be sold by your side, you can sell those items and earn money without paying anything. But you have to sell the essentials you have at home to earn money.

Selling and Buying used Items

I just want you to sell those things that you can earn money from and only sell those things you don’t need. I wanted to let you know about this.

Here are some websites to help you sell old stuff:

5. Pinterest

There’s a lot to do with Pinterest too. Don’t just see it in the form of social media, Pinterest can help you increase your sales and earn more money.

There are many ways to earn money through Pinterest. Some of the most common are:

Generate more sales. (Affiliate Marketing)
Redirect your traffic to your website.
Use that traffic to increase your followers, subscribers, and more.
I mean, there’s a lot more to do with Pinterest traffic. It all depends on you, how to use it. I’ve been through this myself. All you need here is how to use your brain to drive traffic to your online business.

6. Teach And Earn

Teach online and earn money without investing.
If you have teaching skills and are committed to educating others, then it is a good program to earn money online teaching. Instead of spending a penny here, I mean that you can make money online here without paying anything.

I mean there are several ways to earn money online by teaching. You can teach people writing articles to start a website and I have already explained the above free blogging method. And by making money from your content, you can make money.

Selling an ebook, starting a course on Udemy, creating YouTube videos, and much more. While I already explained about YouTube in the previous section, you should check out these tips to earn money.

Online tutoring can also help you earn money online by teaching. You have to apply for these tutoring jobs online to become a tutor. The tutoring organization will evaluate you.

Although there are many fake websites on the internet for tutorials. Here I list the websites that work and the real ones:

7. Typing jobs

A great opportunity for scribes to earn money online. Typing jobs are also one of the categories that fall under freelance work. If your fingers are quite fast and you have good speed, then these typing jobs will definitely make you money.

While typing jobs require good experience and the WPM should be at least 60. To work as a typist, it is easy to earn money online without paying anything and it all depends on WPM (words per minute)

Since Typing Jobs is form data entry, you need to be well aware of the legitimate websites that will pay you. On the other hand, there are some websites that are scams.

To understand everything about entering and writing data, read the article below. I have listed the best websites that are sure to pay you for data entry.

Websites that pay to write.

8. Make Money with Google

The best sure way to earn money is to do it with Google. Since it is considered the most reliable and real way, there are many ways to earn money with this method.

Since the amount you are going to earn here is perfect, you must go for these jobs. Google has enormous potential and I myself make income mainly from one of Google’s programs.

While there are some Google programs that require investment, there are also some Google programs that allow you to make money online without paying anything.

Here I have listed all the Google programs that you can earn big money with. My main and best form of income is listed here.

These programs will help you make money with Google.

 9. Micro Jobs

Although these are the types of jobs that will make you money for a short period of time and will not provide you with passive income.

These types of temporary jobs and the monetary value of this type depends on the job. While micro jobs don’t have to pay a lot. The pay is immediate and most people do these micro jobs to increase their monthly salary.

Here are some websites that will help you earn extra money with microjobs:

  • User test
  • Fiverr
  • Amazonian mechanical turkish
  • TaskRabbit
10. Write Content

Content writing is basically the provision of a particular content to a website. The content must be relevant where the correct SEO is needed.

Basically, those who are professionals in this field have a lot of knowledge about writing and publishing articles. As a content writer for the website, business or other organization, it helps to make money online without paying anything.

Today many companies are looking for content writers and if you have good content writing skills with proper SEO, you can make money online.

Here your skills must be the best. You should be your best version.

The writing style, title, paragraph, flow and much more. You can only get a good amount if your content has that much power.

These websites will help you earn money writing content on websites.

 11. Freelancing

If you have any skills that can be offered online, freelancing is the best option for you. Freelancing also has great potential to earn a lot of money online and without paying anything.

Tasks like data entry, transcription, translation, graphic design, video editing and much more can be done by yourself as a freelance job.

How to Generate High Income With Freelancing Work - BestDevList

While there is much more to freelance work for you. I mean there are a lot more subcategories in freelance work. Show your skill and get paid for it. I’ve seen my friends do quite well as freelancers.

These are the best websites for you:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
 12. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to earn money online without paying anything is affiliate marketing. And trust me, affiliate marketing has the greatest money-making power. Here you can earn a lot of money that you can’t even think about. Maybe you should know what I’m at least trying to say.

You don’t need money to invest here, it is not an investment at all. But if you are using SEO to generate sales, you must invest in your website.

Without investment, all you need is a massive audience, a fan base, or whatever else you can get people to sell with. Even if you have a lot of WhatsApp contacts, affiliate marketing works.

You just need to share a product link to a platform where you have a large audience. And if people buy products through the link provided, they will receive a commission. The easiest job and that too without paying anything.

You have to see this video, it’s in English and I’m sure if you don’t know anything.

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything – Be Aware of the World of Scams.

In the online world, scams are always there and these scams will always try to steal your money from your hard work. They let you finish their work and they don’t pay you.

There are many ways you can be scammed, here are some ways:

  • Click on links or attachments in emails. (Email scam)
  • Survey website scams.
  • Suspicious texts, pop-ups.
  • SMS scam.
  • Any online support fraud.
  • Lottery scam.
  • Bank loans or credit card fraud.
  • Perform money scams quickly.

I have experienced this scam. I once installed an app on my uncle’s phone to earn $ 10. They were kind of micro jobs that I did. And all you had to do was click on the ads and wait 30 seconds. I did that for a week but didn’t even earn a penny.

And I was fooled by a YouTube video showing me the receipt, but I was fooled. Not only this, but I have also received some spam emails offering me jobs online. But I have never been scammed enough to lose my money.

Just avoid scammers and be safe!

Little Story of Mine to Earn Money Online Without Investment.

I started blogging a year ago and that too without investment. I took a free subdomain of blogger.com and started my blogging journey from there.

And I started posting weekly articles on my blog for six to seven months. I have constantly published articles on articles that were not really that good and now I have removed them. At the time, I didn’t know SEO, on-page, off-page and nothing.

Little by little afterwards, I switched to WordPress and learned SEO and now I’m doing good SEO and better articles.

When I was in the online world, I thought I was going to make money without any investment, but when I found out about everything, I was completely wrong and finally invested. As a student it was a difficult job convincing my parents, but somehow I succeeded.

But my main motivation was that when you enter the field of blogging, make sure you have a good and fair amount of knowledge to get started.

I shouldn’t be saying this, but I don’t think you can make money online without investing in blogging. Because here you have to spend money on a domain, hosting and tools.


A year ago I used WhatsApp, Facebook, Games, and Instagram day and night, but now that I’ve started blogging, my average length on social media has dropped dramatically.

I just want you (who is reading this to earn money) not to waste your time on social media, but to try to improve your own life.

Believe me, if you are desperate to make money online without paying anything, you should know that you will have to be very overloaded in the first few days. In the early days, you will get a lot of experience and that experience will only help you make money online without paying anything.

But I started my online career with blogging, which didn’t work until the beginning. If you feel like making money without paying anything, look for freelance professional sites that have a large market for making money.

Good luck on your journey to earn money online without paying anything.

How Can I Earn Money Online From Home ?

In this expensive world, have you ever thought about making money in your spare time? If we inform you that you can earn money from home easily and quickly without problems, how does it sound? Fresh! Turn right. Earning money has become an elementary aspect of a person’s life. It is difficult to survive without enough money to live a healthy and satisfying life. That is why making money has become the top priority in almost everyone’s life.

We spend a lot of time on useless things. What if we use our time effectively and convert the number of minutes into money?

Earning some extra money doesn’t have to be that complicated. As someone who has been in the online monetization business for almost two decades, I can tell you that it takes some work. However, there are several clear paths to follow. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what your goals are and how much you want to automate your income.

Can you earn an extra $ 200 a month? Of course. How about an extra $ 1000 per month? How would that change your life? For most, it would make a big difference. But what if we were talking about thousands more per month or even tens of thousands more? How would that change the trajectory of your life? Obviously, you can make money online. You just have to decide how much your time is worth.

Although we all have some extra time, it often doesn’t make sense. But it doesn’t take too much effort to make a little extra batter. We are not talking about millions and millions here; Usually we are talking about running small and small projects to generate money quickly. And depending on your skills, you can easily earn a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars a month.

But you don’t have to work for a forward-thinking employer to take advantage of the home work trend. Whether your goal is to create a sustainable passive income stream or simply earn a few extra dollars to supplement your part-time or full-time income, all you need to work from home is a computer, a quiet space, a strong ethic. work, and a willingness to follow these clear guidelines for more efficient work from home.

The best online ideas to earn money at home
Don’t be too quick to read just the headlines. Take at least 15 minutes of your time to understand these online tasks. These 15 minutes can even change your life. You can then choose the most suitable online tasks based on your skills.

1. Create an Online Store

This is one of the best ways to earn money online. There are several ways to create a store: through social media accounts, personal websites, or links associated with your PayPal account. If you can make things at home, you can display them online and start your own business. This is one of the best ways to become an entrepreneur. If you have a collection of artwork, postcards, homemade soaps, display pieces, clothing, etc. that you make and sell, this is it. Create your own page and show all your talent. You can even make a pastry online if you are interested in baking. People can give you orders and you can create custom items just for them! It’s a great job that allows you to monetize your hobby / talent.

You can even sign up for Amazon to become a seller through their website. Your articles will be published on your portal and all orders will be shipped to you. Online stores are chosen by many to earn money online in India. If you choose to create a store on Instagram / Facebook, it will be a zero investment!

You can earn between Rs 5,000 – Rs 20,000 per month based on the demand for your items.

2. Transcriber

This job does not require a lot of training or experience. Anyone with good listening skills and fast typing can do it. A transcriber essentially converts speech (live or recorded) into text. Transcription services are required by medical professionals, businessmen or legal areas. To work in the medical or legal field, you will need a certain degree / certificate to be eligible for the position. But to be a transcriber for a researcher or a journalist, a title as such is not required. You have to be a very fast typist and have a good command of the language in question so you don’t end up listening to the same audio for hours and hours. Remember, you gain on audio by the hour, so don’t waste an entire day on just one audio.

Beginner Transcriber Guide and Quick Tips - Scribie Blog

Most companies allow you to take a test to qualify, so try some free online training first:

There are several transcriber jobs available online that can be done from home. You can even sign up for websites like Trancriber, Rev, GMR transcription, etc. To become self-employed.

The salary of a transcriber is between 8,000 and 20,000 rupees per month, depending on the field and the speed at which you do it.

3. Make Real Money With SmartPhone Applications

After testing different apps, we can officially state that yes, money making apps really work and can help you get a regular inflow of money. Working with these applications can be called a side job or a part-time earner. Any app that makes money in India is worth it.

Most of the revenue generating apps in India rely on the user loyalty system, which motivates all users to use the app regularly. There is also a recurring theme in all money making apps that allows you to proactively earn money by visiting these apps and performing their functions.

1. Khatriji

These applications consist of referral rewards programs and cash rewards schemes. Khatriji Deals easy mobile recharge, bill pay, landline recharge, DTH recharge, data card recharge, broadband recharge, landline recharge. The user receives a refund on each mobile recharge with Khatriji.

Best Platform For Earning Money khatriji.in | by khatriji | Medium

Khatriji also provides referral income, tree income by becoming a skyomie user using Khatriji. According to Khatriji’s service, a user who purchases a product through registration is called Skyomie.

2. Empire ReEarn

EmpireReEarn.com is the latest and exclusive website to earn more income in your spare time at home. You can withdraw your income through a bank account. We are starting a free entry for all activities you do on this platform and a refund for every mobile and DTH recharge online at EmpireReEarn.com.

By using this website, you can now earn more income for your other daily or mini expenses. With full 24-hour support monitoring, you can earn money at any time of the day, regardless of location and time.

4. Do some GiGs on Fiverr

If you want to do just about anything to earn $ 5 each time you provide a service, consider Fiverr, which is believed to be one of the largest marketplaces in the world for making money selling small services.

These services, called gigs, can be literally anything someone wants you to do for a small fee, like making a post on social media or lashing out at someone. While the fee for each performance may seem quite small, there are actually quite a number of people who manage to earn a reasonable income from the site.

Another angle worth considering with Fiverr is advertising work elsewhere and sites and then outsourcing the work to someone who advertises on the site with the required skills, like a logo designer or whatever you want to do. This way, you can quickly turn a $ 5 fee into profit by charging your customer a higher fee.

5. Become a Mechanical Turk

If you don’t mind being what amounts to a small cog in a big wheel, you can apply to become the so-called Mechanical Turk for internet giant Amazon.

Get Side Work At Home With Amazon Mechanical Turk - Enrich Jobs

Building on the concept of internet crowdsourcing, businesses advertise via Amazon for help with scalable tasks that require a team of people and quick response time. You will likely be required to complete some mundane tasks, such as entering data or filling out forms, but your reward will be cash instead of coupons.

It seems that currently only people who live in the US are eligible to apply, but you are likely to find something similar on a site like Clickworker.

6. Accommodation on Airbnb

Airbnb is an online platform where you can receive and receive payments for travelers at home for a short period of time. If you have a spare room at home, you can take advantage of it by hosting travelers from all over the world.

If you don’t have free space at home, you can still earn money by hosting a traveler experience. You can take people on a walking tour of your city, give them a taste of local food and culture, teach them to cook some of your local dishes, take them for a walk, or let them experience what your city’s nightlife is like. Today’s travelers are willing to spend any amount for an unforgettable experience. Airbnb experiences are a creative way to earn money, and they don’t require a lot of experience to get started.

How to Make Money from your Smartphone: Try These 7 Mobile Recharge Apps

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and almost everything we do with it requires an app.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also make money with just a few apps? While you won’t get super rich, you can still make more money from your Smartphones with Mobile Apps. Today, earning money is the most important thing in all aspects of a prestigious life.

In today’s track, we will show you how to make money with online money making apps. Everyone uses a smartphone and most of them don’t know that they can earn money while sitting at home and spending time with their smartphones. There are many money making apps available on Android and IOS platforms. You can earn real money and rewards like gift cards, free reloads, PayTM cash, real money, and more. Isn’t it nice to know that you can earn more than the earnings of a 9 to 6 day job in a few hours? There are many ways to earn money online that can depend heavily on passion and opinion.  You don’t want to get a degree, all you need is interest to work and earn easily.

Now is the time when your Android device should be really productive for you. Most of us have an Android device and it is time for us to use that phone and get some money. Today we come across dozens of applications that claim to charge for free. Many of us don’t even download them because we don’t. I don’t know if they are real or not. Next, I will tell you about the best applications personally tested by me and many other people who offer free rechargeable applications.

One time we stopped at the “recharge wale ki dukaan” counter and asked for recharge rates and new offers. The merchant would indicate the large map on the walls or he can personally recommend us according to our budget. For some, days like these are over. For some, cargo stores are an alternative, while the Internet is not available.

Earn money with Android now. Here we are going to see the best Indian apps to earn money, those special apps earn more income by online recharge, watching ads, app referral code to earn money, apps to Make money on Google Play, best apps to earn talk time, best apps for earn money from home for Amazon, updated online money making apps, other money making apps like PayTm and many more. Don’t pay for mobile recharge again starting earning today.


You are here for HIGH PAYING MOBILE CHARGING APPS; Without a doubt, one of the most important things for smartphones is charging. But what if you have a chance to easily win free mobile recharges just by sitting at home? Yes, it is that simple. In India it has now become so easy to earn free unlimited mobile recharge online that you not only get free talk time, but you also earn some money by referring your friends. These are some of the applications listed below; available in app stores for all your mobile users.

Here we will see; How do I get free mobile recharge? Where can I get a free prepaid mobile recharge? What are the ways to earn free mobile charging? What applications are specially used to get free mobile recharges in India? Where do you get a free mobile recharge code? There are so many starter apps that offer attractive deals and good deals to earn mobile balance or top up mobile online and also allow you to get unlimited payments by referring your friends.

1. Empire ReEarn

Empire ReEarn just gives you easy access,  also provide fast transactions. ER can complete your prepaid mobile and DTH recharge in less than 10 seconds. You can top up your mobile immediately and receive an attractive refund for every Recharge transaction.

Along with the ability to recharge multiple times, Empire ReEarn provides referral revenue to consumers. The ER user will not get the benefit of all this revenue until he becomes a member and completes his ER profile. All four types of income have their own modules and forks that must be followed in order to take advantage of the Empire ReEarn benefits. But in general, there is a way to increase your income by following these steps. There is yet another platform to establish your business.

2. Khatriji

Whenever the user self-registers with Khatriji, buys the product from Khatriji and then joins one of the tree at his / her request using Khatriji’s product key, the user is called Khatriji’s Skyomie. The Skyomie can expand the tree by referring to his friends and families, and if one of them buys the product from Khatriji, Skyomie will get even more referral income in that case.

So a tree has been developed and Skyomie has the advantage of making money from various users he / she referred. This whole process is called Make Your Own Money Tree. Now if the Skyomie buys the same product again from Khatriji, he / she will also receive an income for buying again. The cashback offered after every mobile and DTH top-up also increases your income to some extent.

3. Pocket money

The pocket money app is exactly what it sounds like, an easy way to earn pocket money. If you are interested in free refills and rewards, pocket money is a great option for you. All you need to do is complete some basic tasks and commands to earn top-up coupons, free talk time, Paytm Cash, and many other rewards. The app pays a whopping Rs 20 per referral. You can even get paid to watch videos and use data through some apps. Users claim to have earned up to Rs 120 per day from this app.

4. Earn talk time

Earn talk time is another application that started charging for free in terms of rewards. Now the app offers cash from Paytm that you can use to shop, top up, eat, etc. They even pay you for referrals which can be a great way to increase your earnings. You can perform tasks assigned to you, including surveys, watching videos, app downloads, and referrals. You can earn unlimited rewards with this app based on your usage. If you are not comfortable with surveys, you can easily read news or horoscopes in the application to earn money.

5. Tapzo

If you are looking for a mobile charging and online payment app with great discounts and deals, Tapzo is a great option. The new all-in-one app is for all your prepaid mobile and DTH charges, postpaid, electricity and other utility bills.


Since Tapzo is still in the early stages, it offers lucrative deals and discounts on one transaction or another. You can also book taxis / taxis, cars, flights, hotels and buses / order food from a nearby restaurant / domestic services, book device repairs and vehicle repairs using the Tapzo app.

6. Niki

Niki is an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant app that provides a variety of bill payment services including electricity, prepaid and utility or bus tickets, online movie tickets, taxis, hotels, and more. In Niki you will find several providers that you will not find in other conventional applications.

In short, it is a single destination for all your needs, allowing you to remove various applications from your phone. Niki also offers exclusive offers, discounts, and cash back to its users when transacting with the app. Like Haptic, Niki also integrates with Amazon Pay for charging.

7. Haptik

Haptik is a one-stop app that integrates facilities ranging from booking taxis to movie tickets and plane tickets. The app partners with 25 services including Zomato, Ola, Bookmyshow, Go iBibo, Urbanclap, and Cleartrip to meet the needs of its users. With Haptik, you can also use your Amazon Pay balance to charge mobile prepaid / postpaid or top up DTH.

In addition to reservation services, you can use Haptik to set reminders using the chat-based personal assistant, pay bills, and find nearby places like ATMs, free Wi-Fi hotspots, pharmacies, bus stops, etc. The application is also full of interesting offers that can be used with any transaction.


Leave a comment if you love using money making apps or let us know if you are just starting out trying to make money from your phone.



8 Mobile Recharge Apps That Pay You Real Money Cash

Free Mobile Recharge apps for Android are the best way to pay you Real Money Cash. Lots of people search the internet for the best free Android apps to Earn Extra Money.

Refer and earn apps are similar to them too. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money every day to recharge their Prepaid Mobile SIM card. So in this situation, we thought we could find something that allows you to charge for free.

That’s why we decided to share some of the best paying Real money Cash Online Recharge apps for Android phone, which gives you unlimited recharge by downloading some apps or Make online recharge with these apps

Looking for the Best Mobile Recharge Apps for Android to Earn Extra Money? If yes then this article is very helpful for you. I’m going to share some of the best referral and earning apps that can earn you a lot of top-ups (depending on the number of referrals).

If you are really interested in Earn Real Money with online prepaid Mobile Recharge , try the top paying free recharing apps from the list below. Trying to search the internet will bring up a large list of applications that provide free charging services. But not all of them are good enough.

Why? Because most of them don’t pay their users a cent. Don’t worry, we only have proven and real apps on our list.

There are many ways to make money online, but getting free top-ups is a bit crazy. 😀 You can earn everything you want with the best free Recharge apps for Android that we are going to share in the next section.

This article lists the latest popular apps today. Even you can say them too, Best Refer & Earn Apps as the most important part to load up is referral program for these applications. We also recently shared the best 3D games for Android, we hope you like them.

We can earn a lot of free recharges with these free recharge apps that pay more money. While some people think that all these apps in play store are fake. But they are actually wrong. Some apps are well in the market for the best free Recharge apps for Android, which really send your free talk time by filling up a few offers or using a referral program.

Android is the best gadget nowadays, everyone has Android phone. But what if you get a great fit to get a free balance on your SIM? Yes, it is possible to use the best applications to earn free credit. What you need is simple, install these applications on your mobile and start earning free credits. Check out the funny biographies on Instagram.


1. Empire ReEarn

Empire ReEarn, With just a few clicks and all the required information, you can successfully online recharge and pay your bills. As a 100% secure payment option, it ensures complete security of shared information. The various service provider networks covered by Prepaid mobile recharge include Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Tata, BSNL and Tata Docomo etc.Empire ReEarn Provides Cashback Offer On every prepaid recharge. Along With that Empire ReEarn provides tree income to grow your business with no investment.

Prepaid users, there are many plans and their information that you can use to make informed choices before performing a top-up transaction. For uninterrupted DTH services, you can connect your Airtel DTH, Big TV, Dish TV, Sun TV, Tata Sky and VideoconD2H to live instant charging, without missing your favourite shows to capture all live sports. with great mobile recharge cashback.

2. Khatriji

Khatriji also includes a cashback policy, according to which the user receives cashback on every recharge whether it is for mobile and DTH or data card. Skyomie can expand the tree by handing over to his friends and family and in that case if any of them buys Khatriji’s product, Skyomie benefits more than the referral income.

Thus, Khatriji’s Skyomie is capable of earning money from home. Skyomie can also set up his own business and increase his income through Khatriji in this way. Therefore, Khatriji can be considered a digital platform for start-ups.

3. Slide – Free Paytm Cash Earning App

A Slide is the best free Paytm cash earning app for Android phones. It gives you a sign-up bonus of Rs. 5, which will be credited to your account immediately after registration and verification of your account via OTP.

You will then receive 10 rupees for each successful referral. You can exchange your winnings as a free top-up or Paytm Cash, it is your wish! If you think it is fake or if you did not pay your money, you can check the reviews of its users in the Play Store, it is one of the trusted applications according to the comments of its users.

Exchange your winnings as long as you reach a minimum threshold of Rs 50. I have personally tried this app and found it very useful. the slide app from play store. click Here

4. Amulyam – the highest paying free Recharge app

Amulyam - the highest paying free charging app
Amulyam is a very old application that receives updates in a very short time. Initially Amulyam will pay Rs. 10-30 for referrals but now they have expanded their database and loopholes users installed this app on their android mobile.

You can make a lot of money by downloading other apps from there or you can go to the Refer & Earn program where you get Rs. 1 receive instantly when your invited friends sign up for this app and then Rs. 10 if they take Rs. 1 on the same registration day and the last Rs.100 if they earn Rs.50 on the same registration day.

So isn’t it the cool and top paying free Recharge app? Download today and earn unlimited free talk time. click here

5. mCent – the best free Recharge app ever

mCent is one of the best and oldest free Recharge apps for Android of the year. We have received over 10,000 (Rs. 10,000) with referrals. You can get free refills by downloading an app included with mCent. Per app offers something Rs. 2-10. In addition, it provides a referral system. Once mCent Rs. 700 per referral and after that it lowered its referral amount and now offers Rs. 40 / per referral.

It means you will spend Rs. 40 per download via your link or referral code. All you need to do is register in the mCent application. Click the Recommend & Earn tab, copy your referral link (code) and share it with your friends and family. As long as they download the mCent app and sign up with their referral code. Your account will be automatically credited with Rs. 40.

6. Task Bucks – Free Paytm Cash

Task Bucks is one of the best applications to earn free reloads. One of the main features of Task Bucks is that you can also exchange your earnings as Paytm Cash. Yes, it directly means you can earn free Paytm money with this app. In addition, you can exchange your points for top-ups.

It is a new free Recharge app that offers Rs. 25 Paytm cash per referral. You need to register there and share your referral code with friends. For each successful referral, your account will receive a credit of 25 rupees.

It also shows you a lot of apps on your homepage, by downloading them you will make more money without referrals. You can withdraw your earnings as Top-Up or Paytm Cash.

7. True Balance – Trusted Free Recharge App

True Balance app It is also a newcomer to the Play Store application developed by the developers of Balance Hero. You can also charge your phone for free when downloading applications and references.

The main feature we love is that it shows your SIM card balance in the notification bar. Yes, you do not need to enter the USSD code to check the remaining balance. You can view the main balance of both Sim cards directly from your Android’s notification bar.

8. Ladooo – The best application to earn free balance

Ladooo is also the best and oldest free Recharge app for Android users. We have already won many reloads with him. It offers free recharge by downloading an application and by referrals.

If you don’t want to send a link to friends or family, you can also earn directly by downloading function apps from Ladooo App. Each app offers Rs. 5-10. You can exchange your earnings for mobile recharge.

There can be thousands of ways you can make money. Of the ways you will find online, many may be legitimate while many options don’t necessarily help you make money. With the advent of smartphones, people have found many ways to profit from them. These apps don’t make you a millionaire overnight, but they help you meet your daily needs and save money. The money earned from these apps will help you with your monthly bills.

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